Anna & Ben Are A Couple To Root For In This 'Band Aid' Clip

by S. Atkinson

After what feels like a bare few years for rom-coms, finally, a film comes along that looks different from the norm. This exclusive Band Aid clip proves that the genre isn't outdated at all and persuades us to root for the central couple in a short few minutes. And that's a big deal because, in the past years, the few rom-coms we've had have often centered on a couple that we don't necessarily want to end up together.

Take the amazing film Her, for example, in which Theodore Twombly falls in love with his talking operating system (which is basically like falling for Siri, if she were voiced by Scarlett Johansson). Or the fascinating Sleeping With Other People, in which we're not sure we want Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis' deeply dysfunctional characters to end up together — just imagine how vicious the divorce would be.

Of course, these films act as a foil for rom-coms with leads that are so vanilla-bland that we find it hard to invest as the lead couple-to-be go through the motions, from meet cute to final kiss. So thank goodness for Zoe Lister Jones’ new outing, which shows a pairing that’s as weird and complicated and funny as hopefully some of the relationships you’ve been in, too. Check it out:

What's so fun about the clip is the way it suggests this film might actually do something new with the genre. If you've watched a rom-com or six, you'll already be familiar with the trope of two people thinking the other person is a complete jerk until they inevitably end up smooching in each other's arms. But this film does something different. It shows two people long after they've committed to each other, who are rejecting the sentimental trimmings of being paired up. They'd rather fight than swap compliments, because it fires them up creatively. And yet the speed of their exchange suggests, conversely, that they are suited for each other, if only because Anna is as skilled at verbal sparring as Ben and vice versa.

I like my rom-coms with nuance, and I certainly like them with an all-female crew, so Band Aid checks quite a few boxes for me. We'll see how many of yours the movie checks when it's released on June 2.