B&M Is Selling Beauty Fridges For Less Than £40 So Your Routine Can Get Chill AF

by Aoife Hanna

Beauty trends, fads, and must-haves are constantly evolving and changing. This makes figuring out what you absolutely need to keep yourself looking glowy AF a daily struggle. And if I'm honest one of the main struggles, for most normal people, is flipping affording all of the various bits and bobs needed to help you feel your pengest self. And once you've amassed a good beauty collection you want to look after it. Well luckily B&M is selling beauty fridges to help you do just that.

As Pretty 52 reports, the trend has seen influencers across the globe storing all of their lotions and potions in a tiny fridge. Which is actually a pretty lit idea when you think about it. And TBH anyone who has ever put two spoons in the freezer when they were hungover to de-puff their eyes will confirm it is effective. Hold up, is that just me? OK, try it immediately.

So the fridge, which costs £34.99, is actually more than just a fad. Because this little device can help extend the longevity of many beauty products. As Allure reports, keeping them cool can not only help improve their shelf life but help make them more soothing, too.

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told the publication: "Generally, but not always, refrigerating products will help extend their shelf life. Moreover, the cooling sensation on the skin from applying a refrigerated product may help calm itch and give a more soothing effect than a room-temperature product. This is likely because the cool temperature may calm over-firing nerves that lead to itch and discomfort in the skin." Genius.

Not only that but you can keep some of your beauty tools in there like say for example your rose quartz roller, if you have one. According to Harpers Bazaar these rollers are believed to help with lymphatic drainage.

And guys, it gets even better. You can flip a switch that makes it a beauty product warmer. Yeah y'all, you might want some warm moist towelettes. I mean who doesn't vibe off a warm moist towelette?

And even if you decide to sack off the whole idea of the beauty world it's still useful because you can totally use it to store drinks or keep your takeaway warm. Completely ideal if you happen to live in shared accommodation where you don't want your sticky fingered flatmates getting their paws on your diet cokes and/or posh bevs.

The new product was unveiled on B&M's Instagram account in a post captioned: "How COOL is this... It's a brilliant mini fridge which you could dedicate for all your skincare products. 😎😎 It's a beauty lover's must have this summer ❄❄ Only £34.99."

I guess the only question is where you'll put it. Some beauty influencers have spoken about the small size of these baby angel fridges being ideal for just popping on your vanity table. So there's one idea.

OK, add to shopping list: one mini fridge, one vanity table, and maybe an extension cord, too.