A Rosé-Flavored Energy Drink Exists — Here's Where To Get It

There's no denying rosé is the "it" sip for millennials. It's hardly a party or happy hour without the inclusion of something pink in your glass. But, like with any alcohol, there is a limit to where and when you can enjoy it. It's not really a good idea to walk around the office with a glass in hand. But, a new energy drink might just make this possible ... kind of. Make an eye-catching statement with a magenta-and-purple can of Bang Frose Rose, the rose energy drink without alcohol in it.

Food Instagrammer @junkbanter recently spotted and posted about the drink, bringing it to people's attention. The caption that accompanies the photo reads, "With a name like Bang, it’s clear this is the caffeine source for those who like to party. So might as well just flavor it like wine, right? I ordered a case of the new Bang Frosé Rosé and overall I’m glad I did. To me it tastes like a light grape flavor with some hints of mixed berries too. Probably doesn’t taste like any rosé you’ve had before, but pretty tasty for an energy drink. It’s def good enough to enter my rotation for a while before I make a final judgment, and I’ll almost definitely combine this with some actual rosé next weekend."

This may be the first time a lot of people heard about Bang Frosé Rosé, but it is just as Instagrammy as the name promises, the cans bedecked in pink and purple. Per its listing on the Bang website, Bang Frosé Rosé allows you to power up with a collection of three different key energy-giving ingredients: "Creatine, Caffeine, & BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)."

The Bang line of energy drinks is the work of parent company VPX Sports Nutrition, a Florida-based fitness company that has been around since the early 1990s. According to its website, at first the brand's focus was on muscle-building and performance-enhancing products, but has since included energy drinks in its lineup of products. Per the VPX website, one of the perks of the VPX products, including Bang, is that they are "designed to radically improve performance."

But, let's be real: the biggest appeal of this energy drink isn't so much its ingredients, but its FLAVOR. Rosé in an energy drink?? It sounds too good to be true. But really, rosé has found its way into an array of products that you wouldn't typically associate with pink wine. Most recently among them is Trader Joe's, which released a Rosé Vinaigrette. The Trader Joe's website explains the dressing does indeed pay homage to your favorite happy hour sip, as it was "inspired by what is still arguably the country’s trendiest wine varietal." Maybe pack this in your lunch along with an energy drink to hold you over until you can have the real thing at happy hour.

In the meantime, per the Bang website, you can find 15-ounce cans of Bang Frosé Rosé at athletic retailers nationwide, or order them on the website, where they recently became available to ship.