Barbed Wire Brows Are The Cool New Beauty Trend

by Augusta Statz

Feather brows were cool while they lasted, but now — the Internet’s on to the next. Barbed wire brows are the latest brow trend to make waves online, and you’re going to have to see these beautiful hairs to believe in their greatness.

A simple alternating up and down can transform your brows from everyday to part-ready (and ultra trendy) in no time. According to Allure, it’s taken a bit of time for this way of styling your brow line to gain popularity. The first photo of this technique hit Instagram on Mar. 10 by makeup artist Athena Paginton, the publication reports. But, now that other makeup lovers are starting to recreate the beauty moment, prepare to see these patterned hairs everywhere (on your IG feed, at least).

This looks complicated but should honestly be pretty easy to recreate — get your brows nice and thick, using soap or some type of pomade or gel (I’d recommend Glossier’s Boy Brow), and then you should be able to easily control how the hairs lay. Alternate between sections that point up and sections that point down, and there you have it! Your own barbed wire brows. If you’re into the idea of having a bold brow line, you’re going to love this grooming technique. It’s a brand new way to take your routine to the next level.

This barbed wire thing — I'm into it.

Pair the newest trend with glitter lids, and you're in for one show-stopping look.

Some people are already absolutely in love with this.

Others aren't loving the latest brow styling options.

Personally, I think barbed wire brows are a work of art. If you can pull them off — more power to you!

You can get the desired thickness by trying out another trend — soap brows. Using a clear soap will give your brows natural-looking volume and keep them in place at the same time.

Courtesy Glossier

Boy Brow, $16, Glossier

You can also try out your favorite pomade. Something like Boy Brow should help you slick those hairs into place.

Honestly, it seems like doing the barbed wire trick will be much less time consuming than carefully combing to form a feathered look. So, if you're going to give one of these a try, I'd vote barbed wire, for sure.

Tamed brows are no more. 2017 is all about letting those hairs live up to their full potential. Barbed wire brows will definitely allow you to unleash your wild side. Are you up for it?