Barry & Iris Are Engaged On 'The Flash' — For Real This Time

Jack Rowand/The CW

And, the WestAllen saga continues, this time with a little song and dance thrown in. On the special Flash and Supergirl crossover musical episode "Duet," Barry learned he might have made a mistake taking a break from his relationship with Iris. Acting as a sort of villainous cupid, the Music Meister showed Barry the error of his ways by putting him into a musical dream world where Barry had to watch Iris fight for a different love. When he got back, Barry realized that he never should have let Iris go. And the episode ended with Barry and Iris engaged on The Flash, for good this time (hopefully).

In the musical world, Barry had to help Millie (Iris' alter-ego) fight for her forbidden love with Tommy (Mon-El in the musical world), and in doing so he made an important discovery: once you find true love, you never let it go. So, after Iris traveled into the musical world and literally saved his life with her kiss, Barry decided to stop sleeping on Cisco's couch and finally make things right. Out of the musical world, Barry sang one last song declaring his love for Iris and proposed — again — in their apartment.


And, it looks like Iris said yes! So, to recap: not only did the Music Meister save Barry and Iris' relationship, he also might have changed the future enough to save Iris' life. Iris will now have a ring on her finger, something she didn't have in Barry's vision of the future. Another headline in Barry's future vision mentioned the Music Meister getting a book deal, but given how the he disappeared into thin air at the end of the episode, it doesn't really look like that's a possibility either. "Duet" could end up being the pivotal moment that changes the future and saves Iris' life. Or, it could just shift it around. For now, I'll just enjoy the fact that the WestAllen engagement is back on.