Barry Proposes To Iris On 'The Flash'

Bettina Strauss/The CW

OMG, you guys. Fans of The Flash and WestAllen shippers will be talking about the episode "Attack on Central City" for years to come. Why? Well, other than the fact that it completed the two part Team Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd fight that spanned two Earths and two episodes, it also featured the biggest proposal in Flash history. Barry proposed to Iris on The Flashhe lit candles, cooked a romantic dinner, and then asked Iris to marry him with his grandmother's ring. (Yeah, it was pretty romantic.) But, just because Barry asked doesn't mean Iris will say yes.

Iris seemed pretty happy when Barry proposed, but the episode ended before we could hear her answer. (I know, it was an exceptionally rude and entertaining cliff hanger.) Iris and Barry love each other so much, there doesn't really seem to be any reason for her to turn him down. However, I have a feeling she might not be too eager to say yes. During his proposal, Barry mentioned that he had been too focused on trying to stop the future where Iris dies from happening, to keep certain events from unfolding, he hadn't realized he could change the future by acting, not reacting. The proposal, then, could be a significant way by which to change Iris' future.

Here's the thing, as romantic and heartfelt as Barry's proposal was, the fact that he basically told Iris he was only doing it to change the future and save her life isn't really all that romantic. Iris might need to be convinced that Barry isn't just proposing because he wants to try to alter the future he knows might be coming. Barry's going to need to propose because he really does want to live the rest of his life with Iris, not because he thinks it might save her from Savitar. If he can do that, then I think he's definitely got a shot.