Baskin Robbins’ New Cookie Cakes Are Literally Giant Ice Cream Sandwiches

Baskin Robbins

There are few things on this planet that are better than eating a warm cookie right out of the oven. The gooey inside mixed with the slightly crunchy outside and everything in between is basically the closest thing we can get to heaven on Earth. Except, wait... ice cream cake might actually be the closest thing to heaven. Just think about it: your favorite flavors of ice cream mixed with actual cake and sweet frosting. It's impossible to choose which is better, and luckily, you no longer have to. Baskin-Robbins' new Cookie Cakes have been revealed, and honestly, based off the photos of them, they're gonna make this world a slightly better place.

What exactly are Baskin-Robbins' new Cookie Cakes? There are two flavors, and they both sound incredible. It's safe to say that they will probably become your new favorite dessert. Katy Latimer, Vice President of Culinary Innovation at Dunkin' Brands, said, "With our new Cookie Cakes, we're giving guests the best of both worlds - cookies and ice cream — in one delicious dessert that they can share with family and friends." Whether or not you will actually share, however, is debatable.

First up is the Celebrations Cookie Cake. It's made with two nine inch chocolate chip cookie crusts with a layer of ice cream in the middle, and decorated with whipped topping, rainbow confetti sprinkles, and colorful icing. You can customize the cake by choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream to go in the middle.

Baskin Robbins

Next is the Fudge Brownie 'n OREO® Cookie Cake. This one is made with two nine inch round fudge brownie crusts with a layer of ice cream in the middle, then decorated with whipped topping, a fudge drizzle, OREO® cookies, and a fudge border. This one can also be customized with the ice cream of your choosing. Excuse me while I cry, because it sounds like perfection.

If neither of these sound good to you, Baskin-Robbins' is introducing another new product you might love: a dairy-free, vegan Horchata Ice. It features hints of coconut cream and notes of cinnamon, rice, and spices... and it also sounds incredible. Horchata Ice is based on the super popular Spanish drink, and it sounds like the perfect way to stay cool in the upcoming warmer weather.

And as if that weren't enough excitement, Baskin-Robbins is also featuring its Boston Cream Pie ice cream as the April Flavor of the Month. If you haven't already tried it, please do: it combines Boston Cream filling-flavored mousse ice cream with chocolate ice cream and pound cake pieces, as well as a chocolate swirl.

Oh, and one more thing: the chain will be bringing back its Double Scoop Waffle Cone Upgrade Program, which will give guests the option to upgrade to a fresh-baked waffle cone when they order a double or triple scoop of ice cream. That is truly the best way to enjoy the Boston Cream Pie ice cream, because everyone knows that waffle cones are the best type of cone out there, no arguments.


Really, though, I think I'm most excited about the new Cookie Cakes. They're so fun to look at, and I'm assuming they're even more fun to eat. These would make the perfect dessert to bring along to any of the barbecues and parties you'll inevitably be invited to as the weather gets nicer, and they'll definitely be a crowd-pleaser - everyone loves cookies and ice cream!

All of the new items, including the Horchata Ice, will be available starting April, this month. That means you can probably go out and try them right now. Is it weird to order an entire cake for yourself? Asking for a friend...