Bath & Body Works Is Having A MASSIVE Sale On Candles & These Scents Are Half Off

by Brittany Bennett
Bath & Body Works

Empty your car's trunk immediately. You're going to need as much as space as you can get because Bath & Body Works is having a massive candle sale. Let's be real: The best part of the bubble bath is not the bubble part but the aroma of the scented candles as they flicker around the tub. The candles make the ~mood~. And the magic is all in their soft glow.

Make the most of bubble bath hour by stocking up on as many candles as can fit in your car — or around your tub. Bath & Body Works' semi-annual sale began June 10, which means the prices on your favorite scented candles are slashed, at least, in half. During this semi-annual sale, all three-wick candles are 50% off. And from my count of the stock on the Bath & Body Works website, there are 87 three-wick candles eligible for the sale. Each scent seems more enticing than the one before it, so treat yourself to more than a few three-wick candles.

The sale doesn't stop there. Single-wick candles see an even higher discount. The single wick Mango Mai Tai has a fragrance that's composed of "Fresh Mango Nectar, White Jasmine, and Sun-Kissed Grapefruit." While it sounds like the candle smells like a million bucks, the usual price of $14.50 has now been reduced to $6. Your room can smell like a tropical orchard for less than the cost of a side salad. Customers can also mix and match any two single wick candles for $18. The sale items are available both in store and online. Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale is a run-don't-walk situation!

Perhaps you'd like your home to take on the soft scent of Lavender Vanilla. The fragrance description includes "Sugared Musk" which honestly sounds hypnotic. Or, you can can cut to the chase and go with the three-wick aromatherapy stress relief Eucalyptus Spearmint scented candle. The clean and calming Eucalyptus scent is a famous stress zapper. It doesn't hurt to be upfront with the way you're utilizing a candle.

Other three-wick scented candles included in the semi-annual sale are: Linen & Lavender, Peach Bellini, Lemon Mint Leaf, Honeysuckle & Freesia, Watermelon Lemonade, Salted Pretzel Milkshake, Pineapple Mango, Bowties & Bourbon, Turquoise Waters, and many more. Single wick candle scents on sale include: Fresh Cut Lilacs, Pink Petal Tea Cake, Champagne Toast, White Caramel Cold Brew, and what seems like a billion more. There's a scented candle for everyone, whether you prefer a bolder musk or a softer scent.

It's not everyday that you stumble upon a buzz worthy sale. And, of course, as with every sale, this one is fleeting — it will be over around the end of June, according to PopSugar. For a limited time only, you'll be able to snatch these deals and decorate your home — or the perimeter of your bath tub — with half off candles.

Whatever scent you're looking for be it something that emulates summer rain or waffle cones, Bath & Body Works probably has it. And it's probably on sale. Fill your cart with candles while this semi-annual sale lasts and enjoy your bubble baths for weeks to come.