Bath & Body Works Just Dropped A TON Of Halloween Goodies

by Brittany Bennett
Bath & Body Works

Florals are nice and all but 'tis time to forget them. Dig out the costume cobwebs and stuff every serving bowl with fun size candy bars. Halloween is approaching and it's never too early to start decorating. Especially now that Bath & Body Works' Halloween Line is out. The collection of home accents will haunt your house from the bathroom to the bedroom, but don't fear, in a good way. It'll help make everything a smidge more bootiful.

If you want your home smelling ~scary~ good before the first fallen leaf crunches, head to Bath & Body Works. The Halloween collection will have you feeling like it's fall before fall even starts. Replace fresh cut flowers with the Purrfect Pumpkin Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle. Swap your citrus hand soap for Spells Divine Foaming Hand Soap. Or, there's the Vampire Blood Foaming Hand Soap if Halloween is more of a lifestyle than seasonal holiday for you.

Besides hand soaps and candles there are other ways Bath & Body Works will costume your home this Halloween season. There are also candle holders and nightlights to keep things spooktacularly on brand. You'll also find hand creams and bath fizzy balls fit for the most glamorous ghouls. One thing is for sure, this isn't the Halloween to hold back. Not when Bath & Body Works is full of treats.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle

This isn't any ordinary pumpkin scented candle. It's more than that. It's a potion of autumnal notes that'll put you under a relaxed spell. Bath & Body Works lists "Purrfect Pumpkin, Black Cat’s Clove, Ghostly Vanilla, Batty Brown Sugar" as scents in this pumpkin. Light it to fill a room with Halloween joy.

Spells Divine Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

For the person whose Hocus Pocus viewing season begins early, fill your bathroom with the Spells Divine Hand Soap. This "potion" of "enchanted apple" and "moonlit daisies" will have your hands feeling fresh and your heart feeling like you can take the broomstick for a ride.

Haunted House Gentle Foaming Soap Holder

Replace your dainty ceramic soap holders with spooky Haunted House holders. Because it's not just your front stoop that deserves a Halloween makeover. Real ones know that Halloween decor extends to every spooky crook and cranny in one's home. Don't hold back on all the treats that'll haunt your house.

Spooky Chandelier Nightlight

Even the scariest ghouls need a guiding light in the midst of a dark night. But instead of radiating a soft yellow light, this Chandelier Nightlight will light up in majestic purple to cast a spooky shadows as you lurk in your hallways throughout the night.

Vampire Blood Hand Cream

Keep your hands primed for passing out candy with a hand cream practically made for Moritica Addams. The Vampire Blood Hand Cream is a concoction of red berries, jasmine and "petrifying plum". It'll keep your hands scary soft.

Halloween is approaching and I am frighteningly excited for the black and orange holiday. If you, like me, transform your abode into a witch's den during this most spooky time, you'll need to visit your local Bath & Body Works to detail your home in the most fangtastic decor. ~Trick or Treat~ yourself.