Bath & Body Works' Valentine's Day Collection Is Filled With Ways To Treat Yourself This Weekend

Bath & Body Works has a Valentine's Day range with over 41 items.
Bath & Body Works

Is that love in the air or just the smell of my local Bath & Body Works? Perhaps a combination of both? If you long to live like a human baked good or want a home that smells like cowl neck sweaters feel, Bath & Body Works Valentine’s Day line for 2020 is exactly what you seek. Come along. Follow me and the scent of sugary body scrubs.

Bath & Body Works — a company with the kind of candle propaganda I live for with emails like, “Last chance to get these discounted three-wicks, you plebe” — has conveniently put together a collection of over 41 Valentine’s Day goodies in a range of aromas. The products, which vary from soaps to body creams to perfumes, come in classic scents like Japanese Cherry Blossom and Rose Water & Ivy, as well as new favorites like Aromatherapy Passion and Strawberry Pound Cake. In other words, you, your home, and everything you touch is going to smell delicious.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something this Valentine’s Day, Bath & Body Works is quite literally always running some type of deal. At time of publication, they’ve got $10 off any $30 online purchase with the discount code: DONEDEAL. If you’ve been to Bath & Body Works in the last month — no judgment as I too cannot resist the siren call of BOGO body mists — you probably have some coupons stashed in your wallet or your email inbox. Here are 10 items from their Valentine’s Day line worth using your coupon on.


Strawberry Pound Cake Body Scrub


Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream

Does this scent remind them of being in middle school, slathering it all over your body, and pretending you're about to go on a date? No? Just me?


Rose Mini Gift Set

Gift sets don't just have to be for giving away. Surprise yourself with this trio of rose-scented goodies. Maybe get yourself some actual roses while you're at it. Then, you can be like, "For me? Oh, I shouldn't have!"


Gingham Body Butter


Lavender Cedarwood Bubble Bath

Instead of your usual nighttime routine (scrolling through Instagram for 2 hours), take a relaxing bath (and then scroll through Instagram for just an hour).


In The Stars Bubble Bath


Vanilla Chai Latte 3-wick Candle

Light this in the morning while sipping coffee and reading a poem that makes you feel good. (Songs can be poems. Funny Twitter threads can be poems. A picture of Andy Samberg can be a poem if you want it to be.)


Tuberose And Ylang Ylang Pillow Mist

Did you know they make scents specifically to spray on your pillow? I didn’t. I also don't know what tuberose or ylang ylang smell like, but they look delightful.


Sugar Rose Lip Scrub

While you're doing a face mask and watching Schitt's Creek, pop some of this lip scrub on for some extra exfoliant.

At the very least, you can treat yourself this Valentine's Day by just walking into a Bath & Body Works, sampling some of their soaps, and leave smelling like your nicest Aunt’s house.