This 'Big Brother' Houseguest Lost Her Cool & MAYBE The Whole Game

Monty Brinton/CBS

Rachel has been keeping a low-profile so far on Big Brother, but on Wednesday's episode, the Vegas performer flipped her lid. As a recap, Bayleigh had nominated both Rachel and Brett for eviction on Sunday night's episode. And while the HOH told Rachel that Brett was the real target, she couldn't help but take her nomination to heart. So although they remain in an alliance at face-value, Bayleigh and Rachel butted heads on BB20, and it's any guess as to what will happen next.

Rachel may have self-sabotaged tonight after letting her emotions get the better of her, crying both in her DR and in front of the HOH. If she can't take this kind of general conflict, then she's in for a rude awakening as the houseguests start dwindling and emotions get even more heated. That is, if she lasts that long.

Rachel then started panicking about Brett being on the chopping block, since he was in her Level 6 alliance. But when she asked Bayleigh to keep him safe, the HOH was nonplussed, as this was her chance to get the second bro to pack up his cargo shorts. For that reason, the two houseguests got into an awkward quibble, with Rachel constantly apologizing and Bayleigh being upset that she'd even mentioned Brett.

Things continued to go downhill for Rachel, as she did badly in the veto competition (Goober Driver, for those interested). And after she went crying to Bayleigh again, they pinky-promised that they would stay loyal to each other. But the HOH also mentioned that Tyler, the secret mastermind on BB this season, wanted to put Angela up for eviction.

Yes, the fitness model from Hilton Head is still in the competition, much to everyone's surprise. And since Angela is Rachel's close friend in the house, the showgirl was furious at this news. She told Angela what Bayleigh had said, but the worst part was that she didn't believe Rachel! To add insult to injury, Angela immediately told Tyler (this week was honestly just a bad game of telephone), who denied the whole thing. In a second whispered conversation, Rachel told Angela about Bay's power app, after swearing not to tell anyone. Of course Angela swore secrecy, too, right before blabbing to Tyler. She also told the lifeguard that she wanted Rachel out of the house, as she'd become a liability. Somehow, Rachel managed to alienate both The Hive and Level 6 in one fell swoop.

"I feel so bad for Rachel and am really gonna miss her if she goes," user Quiddity131 said on the BB Reddit. "Its too bad she was so paranoid and didn't simply lay down and be quiet." What's more, Reddit user AyoGeo said, "Rachel is so loyal yet the worst alliance members ever. On the one hand, they didn't believe her when she told them what Bayleigh had said about Tyler, yet they totally accepted that Bayleigh has a power. She deserves so much better than these fruit loops."

And while none of Rachel's actions are a big deal out in the real world, this is Big Brother, where backstabbing is the competitors' bread and butter. Not only is Angela, her supposed best friend in the house, anxious to see her go, but now Bayleigh's gotten a glimpse of her weak backbone.

So even if Rachel isn't the next houseguest evicted, it's likely only a matter of time before the showgirl is forced to don her headdress and dance back to Vegas.