Bayleigh Just Made A Huge Mistake On ‘Big Brother 20’ — Here’s How It Could Bring Her Down

Sonja Flemming/CBS

It's hard to keep secrets in the Big Brother house, but it's infinitely better for your game if you do. Unfortunately, how Bayleigh's Big Brother power app works has been exposed — and it's all her own fault. In a bizarre move to gain Rachel's trust (whom she was just about to put on the block) Bayleigh revealed that she received one of the three BB Appstore powers. But, she placed her trust in the wrong person and Rachel soon blabbed to someone who blabbed to someone who blabbed to someone, and now basically half the house knows. But, crucially, not all of them do. So, which Big Brother 20 players know about Bayleigh's power? Her game could be in trouble with how fast this news is spreading.

When Bayleigh first got the power, it seemed poised to do a lot of damage and truly shock the houseguests. She received the Identity Thief power, which lets her switch the nominations after the Head of Household has locked in their choices. So, come nomination day, the HOH would turn the keys expecting to see the faces they chose... only to be surprised by Bay's noms instead. As the kicker, no one would know who switched them, which could cause some real chaos. But, now, her power will come as less than a surprise to about half of the house. And, it's not the half that's on Bayleigh's side.

Bay initially did a really great job of keeping her power a secret. She only told Fessy, and promised to use it only if one of them was in trouble. Other than Fessy, Bayleigh has only told Rachel. The problem is, Rachel told Angela, who told Kaycee and Tyler, who told Brett and JC. Now all of Level 6 knows about Bay's power, whereas only one of her own alliance members knows. The only people who are going to be shocked when Bay uses it are going to be her own alliance (and Sam who is still floating alliance-less).

Tyler's already been in talks about next week's HOH, where he's hoping one of his alliance members wins and puts up Bayleigh to flush out her power. Meanwhile, Tyler's power is still in play and he wisely hasn't told anyone about it. His gives him the ability to save himself from the block for one nomination or veto ceremony, provided he states his decision before the noms are announced.

Bay is a strong player, but it's a pretty big blunder to tell the person you're about to put on the block about your power. Rachel has no loyalty to Bay. She may go home because of her. She's certainly not going to keep her secret.

Time will tell if the other members of the house find out about Bay's power before she's even had the chance to use it, but at the rate that gossip spreads in this house — she'll be lucky to even make it to the end of her HOH reign without everyone knowing. Hopefully Tyler learns from her mistake and keeps his mouth shut about his own power. You just can't trust anyone in the BB house to keep your secrets for you.