Here's What Becca Had To Say To Arie On 'After The Final Rose'

Paul Hebert/ABC

After being unceremoniously dumped mere weeks after getting engaged on The Bachelor, Becca confronted Arie on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, and she definitely said her piece. Oh, and she deserved to, since Arie proposed to Becca on the finale of The Bachelor and then broke up with her a few months later to instead go out with Lauren, his runner up. For better and for worse, the cameras catch everything, and Becca was able to tell Arie, to his face, on national television, how deeply he broke her heart.

When Becca was getting dumped, she was too shocked and hurt to ask the big questions or at least get in a few parting shots before Arie walked out the door. Luckily, this is reality television, and there's often a chance to get another word in later. Arie blindsided Becca when he broke up with her, telling her, "The reality of it is that … being with you, although it’s been everything that I wanted, I still think about [Lauren]..."I don’t think it’s fair to be half in with you. I don’t think it’s fair for us to continue and for my heart to be with someone else. I want to take the risk and see if there’s a possibility with her.” Talk about devastating. This is your fiancé saying this to you, telling you he wants to be with another woman.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Before Arie came out on stage, Becca told Chris Harrison, "It's hard to watch that all back and to see what went down on the other end... but watching it back, it honestly helps me get some closure, just to see how hurt I was and how blindsided I was." And about all the stuff that Becca knew that Arie had reached out to Lauren? "I honestly didn't know he had reached out to Lauren until after the fact. It was... we talked about it, and I said, if you need that closure, reach out to her. [Arie and I] had made plans," Becca said. "We looked at houses together, decided what we were gonna do with my place in Minnesota. [I thought] we were moving forward, and he had to reach out to her to get some closure."

Though Becca said she is currently "doing well," she did have questions for Arie when he sat next to her in the Bachelor hot seat. The biggest was her wanting to know when Arie knew that he had changed his mind, and why he had lied to her for so long about what he wanted with Lauren. Arie blamed distance and Becca "working" at her job for their lack of communication, which, what? Becca didn't let that one slide. She said:

"All I asked for was just honesty from you, and I feel like I didn’t get that. I feel like there was a lack of respect on the end for me, for your fiancée, where you went to not having, not giving that clear resolution that you needed to have my back."

Arie blamed the pressures of being the Bachelor as to why he proposed too soon, and Becca didn't that let that one go, either, telling Arie, "You always have a choice, and you didn't need to make that choice." Touché, Becca.

In the end, though, Becca kept it classy. Her parting words to Arie were kind and showed that she's moving on from it all. "I’m always going to have love in my heart for you… but at this point, too, I moved on," Becca told her former fiancé. "I’m ready for the next chapter of my life, to be better, to find someone who is better suited for me, like I hope Lauren is for you."

Becca said her piece to Arie on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, and it seems like she's moving on to bigger and better things.