Becca Cosmetics' Light Chaser Highlighters Are A Game Changer

Another day, another highlighter launch. It seems like this is the trend that won't die, but brands have begun to get a whole lot more creative with the beauty item. According to their Instagram, Becca Cosmetics created Light Chasers Highlighters and Lip Toppers to give you the ultimate glow. I'm talking a brand new formula like you've never seen before. Get ready to shine this summer, my friends.

If there's one thing Becca knows, it's how to get that cheek shine popping. The brand worked with Jaclyn Hill to create the cult-classic Champagne Pop, just released an entire Glow Palette with Chrissy Teigen, and now they're adding two more shimmery products to the list as well. The first is six sparkly Lip Toppers, which is a first for the brand. The second, and slightly more exciting IMO, is their six brand new single highlighters that look absolutely stunning.

So what's so great about these highlighters? According to the brand's Instagram post, the "kaleidoscopic formula shifts shades as it catches the light to create hypnotizing colour luminosity with a metamorphic finish." The brand has yet to post swatches of the shades, but just the description is enough to get excited about. Light Chasers sounds like the perfect name for this product.

Thankfully, you have some time to save up for the big launch. According to Becca's Instagram post, the Light Chaser Collection will be available in June. They didn't give an exact release date just yet, but they did say that it will be a Sephora exclusive. That is pretty much synonymous for "it will sell out super fast," so I'd keep an eye out for updates.

The brand didn't say exactly how much the collection will be yet. But based on previous launches, I'm willing to bet that the highlighters will be $38, just like the rest of the singles on the website. The other lip products on their website are $24 each, but there's a good chance that the shimmers could be pricier.

Mark those calendars and get that savings account ready, because you will not want to miss this launch. The Light Chaser Collection could just be the cheek shine of the summer.