Becca Wished Chris Harrison A Happy Birthday With A Hilarious Instagram Video

ABC/Paul Hebert

Chris Harrison is way more than just the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. He's a lifeline for the shows' stars and contestants; a constant, calming presence in the face of Bachelor Nation drama. Chris has been hosting the shows for years, and he seems to have formed plenty of genuine connections with Bachelor Nation members. That's why Becca Kufrin's birthday message for Chris Harrison is so sweet — it shows the bond the two of them have, even when they're off-camera.

Becca posted two videos of herself with Chris at an airport. In the clips, she's sitting on top of a suitcase while Chris wheels her around. "Just like I'm bobsledding again," she jokes in one video. In the other, Chris casually eats a sandwich with one hand while wheeling her with the other. "Teamwork makes the dream work," Becca says in the clip.

The two of them are wearing baseball caps in the video, which may have been their attempt to disguise themselves from Bachelorette fans who may have recognized them in the airport. Although, no one in the background of the two clips seems to spot the two of them, who are basically hiding in plain sight.

"Happy birthday to my favorite chauffeur @chrisbharrison #teamworkmakesthedreamwork," Becca captioned the Instagram post.

It's Chris' job to get to know all of the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, but it does seem like he and Becca have a special bond. Chris had the impossible task of sitting down with Becca on The Bachelor's "After the Final Rose" special, after audiences watched Arie call of his engagement to her. During the conversation, Chris was kind and a bit reserved, and he appeared genuinely sensitive to Becca's feelings. Of course, the two of them had undoubtedly had plenty of offscreen conversations leading to that moment — it was announced during the "ATFR" special that Becca would be the next Bachelorette. Still, the episode was a reminder that Chris' duties go way beyond announcing the final rose at the show's weekly rose ceremonies.

This season, Chris has continued his extended duties by having uncomfortable conversations with some of Becca's contestants. Colton approached Chris the week before overnight dates, sharing his mixed feelings about the fantasy suites because he was a virgin. Chris often finds himself counseling the stars and contestants about any number of topics, so it's no surprise that they might be goofing around offscreen, too. Even though he doesn't always get a ton of screen time during Bachelor and Bachelorette episodes, Chris plays a vital role in the franchise.

Even though The Bachelorette can be stressful, Becca's video shows that she and Chris both have a great sense of humor. It's not clear when the video was filmed, but it could have been when they were on the way back from the season's finale. In a week and a half, Becca will choose between her final two suitors, Garrett and Blake, and the airport videos she posted could be connected to that trip. She does look pretty relaxed and happy in the videos — maybe because she's recently become engaged? Either way, it's nice to see her and Chris laughing together, with a cellphone being the only camera focused on them this time around.