Here's Why 'Bachelor' Fans Are FURIOUS With Arie

Paul Hebert/ABC

Considering all the hints that have been dropped over the second half of the season, fans expected Monday night's Bachelor finale to bring a lot of drama. But could anyone have predicted this? Arie ending his engagement with Becca to be with Lauren was a big deal, and now, seeing the fallout from that choice really shows how fans are feeling about it right now. Bachelor fans are mad at Arie and the way he ended things with Becca, and it's easy to understand why.

Of course, this is something Arie seemed to be prepared for. During last week's edition of Women Tell All when Caroline let him know that she knew what he'd done, he almost like he expected the backlash. But now that everything is finally out in the open, fans aren't holding back. Twitter has totally lit up with people's reactions, and it seems like most people aren't very impressed with the way he handled the situation.

First of all, not only did Arie manage to propose to Becca when he wasn't 100 percent sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but when he changed his mind, the camera crews were rolling. It was a Happy Couple visit while they were in hiding, so obviously, Becca didn't expect anything other than to spend time with her fiancée. Instead, her heartbreak was captured on camera, and she had no say in the matter.

Watching the whole thing play out — in an unedited scene, as Chris Harrison reminded us repeatedly throughout the first two hours of the finale — was really, really rough, especially immediately after seeing them celebrate their engagement. Becca was so excited to be in LA, showing off her ring and talking about how happy she was, and then minutes later, she was completely blindsided by Arie and a camera crew.

Although it was definitely a difficult moment, Becca seemed to handle it like a champ. It seemed like she at least understood that she didn't need to put up with this behavior in a relationship, and if Arie was going to leave her for another woman, she was ready to get the show on the road.

"You shouldn't have gotten down on one knee," Becca told him at one point during their conversation. Later, she added, "I hope you find what you want. It's clearly not me."

It didn't take long before Twitter started flipping out. Some people are mad at Arie, almost everyone is mad for Becca and what he put her through, and a lot of people fall into both categories. In fact, Becca said, "this is just a really sh*tty" thing on your part," and that's a pretty solid way to sum up everything that happened on the finale.

A lot of people just couldn't get over the fact that Arie did this on camera:

Others could not believe that Becca was back at square one, when she didn't do anything wrong:

And others pointed out that this is really, really not what you sign up for when you go on The Bachelor.

But most people on Twitter? Most people were just generally livid.

It's upsetting, to say the least, to see that this had to happen to Becca. The situation of being dumped by your fiancée is heartbreaking enough, but to do it on camera and know that the footage is likely going to be aired on ABC? That's obviously so much worse. However, it's better that she found out now than months from now... and it seems like she'll definitely be better off without Arie in her life.