Becky Won't Take It Anymore On 'Empire'

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Oh, Becky. If there is one character on Empire that is consistently screwed (and doesn’t just scream about it like Hakeem), it’s Becky. Lucious’ long-suffering assistant has been at his side for years, and she knows where all of the bodies are buried (both literally and figuratively). Why then, can’t she get a break on this show? For every two steps Becky gets to take forward, she has to take one back. Becky is always overlooked on Empire, and I think that she’s about to hit her “mad as hell” point and won’t take it anymore.

Becky was Lucious’ right-hand lady until she demanded she get a promotion. She put in her dues and she wanted to work in the A&R portion of Empire Enterprises, finding new artists and cultivating their talent for the label. Fair enough! Becky had all of these amazing ideas for Tiana’s singles, and it seemed like she would be right and the sun would shine down her and she would show everyone who is boss. Well, that happened, but then famous dirtbag Xavier took credit for it and got the glory (and a promotion). When Becky threatened to go public, he threatened to fire her. Neat.

Thirsty is Lucious’ other right-hand man (for more nefarious deeds), and he assures Becky that Xavier will get what’s coming to him, so she should just to hold off on the revenge, OK?

Thirsty was right — Xavier gets bounced from Empire when Lucious reveals that he’s been taking kickbacks from radio stations to play Empire artists. Is this true? Probably not. Is it nice for Becky to essentially spit in Xavier's face on the way out? Absolutely. But then, Lucious appoints Anika, his wife and one-time Boo Boo Kitty, as the head of A&R. Come on. That's what Becky's face says, and that's what my face said, too.

Becky is no wide-eyed ingénue, but I think she’s starting to figure out that if she wants to get ahead in the Empire game, she’s going to have to start making some shady deals. This is sad to me because Becky was one of the bright, shining beacons of what was right on Empire. She always had a decent moral compass (which isn’t saying much on this show, but still), and to watch her turn to the dark side just because everyone else on the show is would be disappointing. But if she's going to get everything she wants, Becky may soon start her descent to the low levels of Lucious Lyon on Empire.