Bekah FINALLY Told Arie Her Age On 'The Bachelor' & Here's What Happened Next


Since The Bachelor kicked off in the beginning of the month, Arie Luyendyk Jr. has already created a special connection with Bekah, whom he has a ton of chemistry with. There's just one thing that could keep them from living happily ever after, though: They're 14 years apart. On Monday night's episode, Bekah told Arie her age on The Bachelor, and it gave Arie a lot to think about.

The fact that Bekah is only 22 has made her a controversial contestant among fans before this season even premiered. And now that they've gotten to know her, the other women on the show have been wondering if her age will negatively impact her chances with Arie, even speculating about when she might fill him in on that little fact. And now, we have the answer to that question.

The moment finally happened during Bekah and Arie's first one-on-one date, the first opportunity they'd had to truly talk privately, not counting their cocktail party conversations before the rose ceremonies.

Surprisingly, Bekah's reveal went a little easier than fans expected, even though he was definitely taken aback by it. During a quiet moment at the end of their date, she filled him on her age, and he was definitely shocked at first. For Arie, it's obvious that their age difference is a huge deal, but will it necessarily change how he feels about her?

At first, he was all about the questions, wondering if Bekah had dated other men his age (which she hadn't; she'd only seen men in their '30s casually), and then, he almost seemed to convince himself that this meant their relationship could never work. "22 years old, so damn young," Arie said. "I just find myself thinking of all the problems that could come up." And then, he proceeded to list them, mostly pointing out that he didn't think she could possibly be ready for a marriage at her age, and he said he "needs a wife."

But Bekah totally held her own. She didn't seem upset or concerned that Arie was unsure about their connection now that he knew her age; instead, she remained completely calm. She told him he could go ahead and send her home and end up with someone who's definitely in wife mode, or he could pursue his real feelings for her. That kind of assertiveness seems to be really attractive to Arie, because he wasted no time handing over that date rose.

"This is really scary for me, too," Bekah said, and that seemed to be all he needed to reassure himself that he was making the right decision. The way Bekah handled herself during their conversation said it all, though. If Arie and Bekah don't work out, it won't be because of their age difference, because she seems mature and willing to handle whatever their relationship (and potential engagement and marriage) might throw their way.

In the end, they both admitted that their feelings for each other are becoming serious, and Arie even called her "maybe the most incredible person I've ever met," which is something he hasn't even come close to saying to any of the other women. There's undoubtedly something special between them, and Arie shouldn't give that up just because he's concerned she's possibly not ready to get married (even though she says she is).

If Bekah hangs around for awhile — and it seems very, very likely that she will, after their one-on-one conversation — it seems like many more moments like this one are in their future. The more they get to know each other, the more they like each other, so don't be surprised if she makes it all the way — age be damned.