This Bekah M. Instagram Photo Calls Out Her Fellow 'Bachelor' Star & It's So Awk


Even though Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor started out with four, count 'em, four Laurens, the same-named women who have been getting the most attention are frontrunners Becca Kufrin and Bekah Martinez — better known as Becca K. and Bekah M. So it's a little uncomfortable that Bekah from The Bachelor once slammed Beccas on Instagram for spelling their names with two Cs. While Bekah posted this critique against Beccas before Arie was even named Bachelor, it's the perfect fodder for fans who primarily watch The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read) for the drama because, based on her Instagram post, Bekah is not so into Beccas. However, now that Bekah has lived with a Becca, maybe she's changed her stance.

Season 22 of The Bachelor may only be two episodes in, but Arie seems to have strong, initial feelings for both the 22-year-old Bekah and the 27-year-old Becca. He took Becca on the first one-on-one date and later that episode, he told the cameras that Bekah "could be the whole package." He's smitten with them, so it seems safe to say that these women will be around for a long time. And while both of them appear to be pretty mature, not so long ago Bekah gave a literal F you to the Beccas of the world.

On Aug. 29, 2017, Bekah posted a photo of her standing in front of Nick's Cafe in Los Angeles. The breakfast and lunch place has a worn painting on the outside of the building of a little girl with the name "Becca" under it. Bekah's response to this? To give the finger and write, "f*ck a bekah with two C's."

In both the Christian Bible and the Hebrew Bible, the spelling Rebekah is primarily used for the name of the woman who married Isaac and gave birth to Esau and Jacob in the book of Genesis. But the King James version of the New Testament uses the spelling of Rebecca, even though it uses Rebekah in the Old Testament. Despite Rebekah's religious roots, the Rebecca version has been much more popular in the U.S. than the version with a K and an H. According to data from the Social Security Administration, Rebecca was the 10th most popular name for girls in 1973 and 1974. Rebekah was the 143rd most popular name in 1982, but that's the highest the name has ever ranked. So Bekah does have the more unique spelling of her name.

Yet, that doesn't warrant dissing Beccas. And as a Caitlin, a name which has approximately 1,000 different variations, I should know. But while Bachelor fans don't really know Bekah that well, based on her personality so far, this was probably intended to be tongue-in-cheek and not an actual insult. Plus, Becca can't really take offense at giving the finger in an Instagram post since she did the same thing just days before Bekah's post. Sure, it was a political statement and not a dig at people named Bekah, but it seems these two women have more in common than just their names.

While it's not clear if Becca has seen Bekah's post, it doesn't appear that Becca has any hard feelings toward Bekah — at least on social media. When Jimmy Kimmel predicted that the final two women of Arie's season would be Bekah and Becca — with Becca being the one Arie inevitably chooses, Kimmel made an awkward joke about Arie having a threesome with the similarly-named women. Kimmel then mocked Arie for potentially picking two Beccas (errr Bekahs?). Becca shared the photo of Kimmel holding up their pictures on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and tagged Bekah's Instagram handle — @whats_ur_sign — and wrote, "U up?" Bekah responded in the comments with, "LMAOOOOOOOO" and "IM DEAD."

If that's not enough to make you think that Becca and Bekah are cool with one another, Becca also gave Bekah a gentle ribbing on Twitter for saying she's "simple" while wearing faux fur.

Bekah took it in stride — even retweeting Becca's post. And later that day, Bekah tweeted a photo of her lying on Becca from the Jan. 8 episode when Krystal wouldn't divulge details about her one-on-one date with Arie. Bekah used the controversial statement "All lives matter" almost certainly as a joke for the caption — seeming to suggest they have similar takes on situations.

The difference between Becca and Bekah might be like tomayto and tomahto for many people, but it obviously matters to some of the Rebeccas and Rebekahs out there. And even though Bekah said during the Jan. 8 episode, "Women are ruthless," it seems she's backpedaling when it comes to her previous statement about Beccas, so she's really not that harsh. As there is inevitably going to be more drama on the rest of the season of The Bachelor, there's no need to pit these two Beccas/Bekahs — regardless of how they spell their names — against one another.