'The Bachelor's Bekah Totally Threw Shade At Krystal On Instagram In The Most Subtle Way


Bekah is not one to sugarcoat things, so fans shouldn't be surprised that Bekah clapped back at Krystal's Bachelor behavior on Instagram with just three words and an epic photo. Although she didn't outright say she was talking about Krystal when she posted the pic, there was little other drama on Monday night, and Bekah made it pretty clear on the show that she's not about Krystal's nonsense. It's also not the first time Bekah has called Krystal out online.

On Monday night, Bekah also tweeted about The Bachelor villain's infamous voice. And, though I don't condone mocking someone for their looks or their voice, I'm not Bekah's mom and she can say what she wants. And, she did. She tweeted: "The only shade I will be throwing is this: Krystal probably thinks she sounds like Marilyn Monroe and I think she sounds like a phone sex operator reject."

Of course, that wasn't the only shade she threw. Bekah seemed unable to hold all her thoughts in, since she later took to Instagram to post a screengrab from the episode. In it, she's giving the camera some serious side-eye. Her caption reads: "b*tch, try me." It seems pretty clear who she is referring to here...

Bekah is no stranger to sassy Internet comments. She's been regularly live-tweeting about Arie's season, and readily makes fun of herself and the Bachelor. But, she's mostly avoided calling out any of the women until now. Although, Krystal's behavior on Monday night's episode seemed to make something snap in Bekah, and she couldn't help but post about it.

For reference: Krystal spent the whole episode complaining that Arie was a "liar" because he let both bowling teams go to the group date instead of just the winning team (Krystal's team). She threw a full-on tantrum, and literally skipped the group date because she was so upset. On a show where women are fighting to have mere minutes with Arie, I don't blame the other ladies for being upset that Krystal was throwing away her shot.

Later, Krystal decided to hold one-on-one convos with each of the women to, I guess try to clear the air? I'm not really sure what her intention was, since it didn't go well at all and it only seemed to upset the women even more. Bekah straight up asked Krystal in her chat why Krystal was still there. (No, seriously, why?) So, you could tell that Bekah had it up to here with Krystal's nonsense.

Unfortunately for her (and pretty much everyone else), Krystal got a rose on Monday, which means she's headed to Paris with Arie for another shot at making everyone hate her. But, hey, at least that means there's another week for Bekah to live-tweet or Instagram her true feelings about Krystal. And, if her continuing posts are anything like her previous ones, we're all in for a treat. I mean, just look at what Bekah's tweeted about Arie.

And the infamous age difference:

And the show in general:

Bekah is hilarious and she's not afraid to tell it like it is — both on the show and off. With seven days until the next installment of The Krystal Show™, that gives you plenty of time to start following Bekah on Twitter @whats_ur_sign_ (her bio is, "I don’t know about you... but I’m feeling 22," which is amazing) and Instagram at whats_ur_sign. She also has some seriously hilarious Instagram Stories in addition to her regular Instagram posts. Plus, you'll get to see a snapshot of her everyday life off the show if you follow her.

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