Bekah's Twitter Sure Gives Some Convincing Clues To Her Post-'Bachelor' Relationship Status

Paul Hebert/ABC

Ever since Bekah rolled up to The Bachelor (senior producer: Lindsay Liles) mansion in a cherry red Mustang, she's been a frontrunner for Arie's final rose. And as she gets further into the season, her chances of ending up with a Neil Lane ring seem even more likely. All of which leads to one question: Are Arie and Bekah M. still together after The Bachelor?

As longtime fans well know, unless you frequent spoiler sites, it's usually impossible to say for sure who wins The Bachelor — and even then, it's not always a guarantee. Take, for example, the time Jake Pavelka picked Season 14 villain Vienna Giardi over fan favorite Tenley Molzahn, or when Brad Womack chose neither of his final two women in Season 15. In Bachelor world, anything can happen, so you have to take any predictions with a grain of salt.

Still, playing the guessing game is an integral part of any Bachelor season; there's a reason there are so many fantasy leagues for the show. In Bekah's case, there are some conflicting clues about whether or not she ultimately wins Arie's heart, and if she does, if she and Arie last post-season. So without further ado, let's review the evidence, shall we?

The "For" Case

Of all the women, Arie seems to have the strongest chemistry with Bekah. He tripped over his words (and kicked himself for it) during their first conversation, signaling the kind of immediate, foot-in-mouth attraction that only happens when you're utterly smitten. Cut to that steamy make out they shared during Episode 2, and at the very least, it seems like Bekah will be sticking around for a while. Physical chemistry is far from the only indicator of a solid relationship, but it is an important one, especially for a suitor officially christened "the kissing bandit."

There's also been a lot of chatter surrounding Bekah's age, and some might put that in the "against" category: She's 22, he's 36. But age gaps have always been present in Bachelor Nation, and Arie has made clear it's not an issue for him. "I think it’s more about the person and if they’re ready for marriage and how mature they are," he told The Hollywood Reporter last month. "Some women are far beyond their years and some women are very immature in their thirties — I’ve dated younger, older ... I was open to a variety, and that’s something that the producers knew."

From the looks of the new promo, he and Bekah will dig into their age difference more during their one-on-one this week, but based on what he's said about her thus far, it's certainly possible that they end up together — or that, if they don't, age wasn't a factor.

The "Against" Case

Of course, Bekah's strong start could be a red herring, and a look through her Twitter brings up a host of thinly veiled hints that she doesn't make the cut. In an Instagram story screenshot captured by an eagle-eyed fan, Bekah said she was doing "Paradise drafts," meaning that they were trying to predict which women from her season would join spinoff Bachelor In Paradise. That doesn't necessarily mean she's considering being on BiP, but it does raise questions.

Moreover, Bekah has thrown out a few lighthearted jabs at Arie, and asked fellow contestant Sienne, "just tell us, are you engaged bro?" It's quite clearly a joke, but if Bekah was the one engaged, wouldn't she know the answer anyway?

Perhaps the most telling clue, however, comes via a tweet from Jan. 10. "When you realize your worth is found in how much you love yourself, not how much attention a man gives you," she wrote alongside a screengrab of herself from the show. She later clarified that it "was not aimed at anyone or anything in particular," but the statement stands, and it sounds a lot like the revelations Corinne had after being sent home from Season 21.

Overall, it seems likely that Bekah makes it far, but less likely that she winds up with Arie. Who knows, though: Bekah seems quick on her feet. She could just be doing a bang-up job at throwing followers off her trail.