Bella Thorne Colored Her Hair Dark Blue And It's…

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever wanted to amp up your natural locks with a dose of color, let Bella Thorne be your guide: Thorne colored her hair dark blue recently, and it looks nothing short of amazing. But it's not like this is her first foray into out-of-the-box colors. Just recently she amped up her strawberry blonde hair into a vibrant red, and then accented the shade with acid green tips. It's a new year now though, and with it comes a drastic hair change.

Enter a midnight blue dye box.

According to Glamour, Thorne debuted her dark blue hair on Snapchat, and the dye job was courtesy of her older sister, Dani. As many people can probably attest, major changes usually happen when one's bored at home with their best friend. However, rather than having a hasty out-of-the-box dye job, it appears her sister has some serious skills. There's dimension to the blue, where her roots start as an inky black, melting into a deep indigo. There also seemed to be scissors involved, since her usual rib-cage skimming hair has been chopped into a wavy lob. As Glamour pointed out, "She also got a cut to go with her color—and she's gotten quite a few inches taken off: The last time we saw her, her long hair was hitting around the middle of her back."

She clearly loves the way it turned out though, as evidenced through her Twitter video that was posted after the fact.

She's definitely bringing some glamour goth vibes with this new do, and it's exciting how wild of a change it is from her soft, red hair. And it seems like her fans agree, with the tweet garnering 5,500 likes and a little over 800 retweets so far. Their comments were also encouraging, proving they back Thorne and her love of drastic hair makeovers.

One fan pointed out that any hair color she tries on is golden:

While others just fawned over her bold beauty move:

While it's definitely a fun and unique look, one has to wonder what she might do next. From acid green to midnight blue, here's to hoping something just as magical is around the corner!