'Below Deck Med's Bobby Dishes On This Season's Complex Romances

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

More drama on the high seas is almost here for your viewing pleasure, and Below Deck Mediterranean's Bobby Giancola has all of the scoop for fans of the Bravo franchise. While chatting with Bustle, the Bravolebrity wasn't shy about detailing what his second season as a yachtie will feature. Two words: romance and drama. Fans might think that is what's to be expected from the reality TV show, but the way Giancola explains it, well, it sounds much more intriguing than the norm.

"This season there's a lot of sexual chemistry, tension," Giancola tells me via phone. As he tries to explain, "There's this love triangle, square, rhombus, I mean, I don't even know what you call it. [It's] all over the place with feelings and hookups. It's just crazy."

If you recall, Season 1 focused heavily on Giancola's love life, including the fact that he came onto the yacht as a newly single man with an eye on already taken fellow crew member Julia d'Albert Pusey. Nothing ever came of his crush, but it looks like he finds some romance in his life this time around. As showcased in the Season 2 trailer, he's seen kissing someone and later saying, "Is this like a threesome?"

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Whatever happens in Giancola's love life this season, he says that he went into this particular charter focused on his job, especially now that he's no longer a fireman and is pursuing yachting full-time. He says, "Now that I'm doing this full-time, I came into this season just wanting to learn more, work, expand my knowledge in the yachting industry, and be my bosun or my superior's right-hand man and learn everything I can."

But that's not to say romance wasn't on his mind at all. "If I find a romantic interest along the way, so be it," he adds. "It would be nice to hit it off with somebody, especially if we're in the same area and then getting to be in a romantic place, like Croatia on a Navy yacht. That would just be a bonus."

When dating isn't the focus, Giancola promises drama is. Unlike last season, during which Danny Zureikat took most of the heat, Giancola says every single person faces some type of dramatic situation in Season 2.

"It's not like last season where it was kind of like, 'The Everybody Hates Danny Club,'" he says. "It's everywhere. There's drama all over the place." According to Giancola, drama erupts due to the tight living arrangements, not everyone knowing each other, and new rules. "It gets hectic, it gets stressful," he continues. "So there's definitely heated moments. It gets physical sometimes and it got nuts."

Based on all of that, one might think Giancola could be wary of doing another season of Below Deck Med, if it gets renewed, but he most definitely would go back. "I totally would," he says. "I really enjoyed doing it. I loved having the opportunity of meeting new people and exploring. Drama's gonna be in life no matter where you go, whether it's on a TV show or not. So, for me, a TV show aside, I would still do it just because the experience is awesome."

The second season definitely sounds like a doozy, so be sure to tune into Below Deck Mediterranean when it premieres Tuesday, May 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.