Ben Affleck Finally Acknowledged The Giant Phoenix Tattoo In The Room

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, the world finally got the confirmation that it didn't even know it was waiting for. Ben Affleck talked about his tattoo on Twitter and gave everyone an update on how he's doing in the process. His tweet was a reply to a March 24 New Yorker article titled "The Great Sadness Of Ben Affleck," which was prompted after photos emerged of the actor sporting the tattoo in question.

On March 29, Affleck took to Twitter to hit back against all of the sadness bashing. The actor noted that he was "doing just fine," despite what the article implied. He continued, "Thick skin bolstered by garish tattoos." His response here is the first one of his to acknowledge that his ink was actually real, seeing as though he even jokingly said that the tat helped him get over any criticism.

Interestingly enough, his Twitter response is also one of the few he's posted in recent months on the social media site (the last time he posted was in December 2017). So, you know he meant business when came out to respond to the New Yorker article.

In the New Yorker post, the author describes how Affleck has appeared to be in a sad state for the past couple of years now, following his divorce from Jennifer Garner. They also discuss how the actor has found himself at the center of a couple of internet memes that showcase the Justice League star vaping in his car and as "Sad Affleck" during an interview for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The article ends with talk of the "fall of Affleck," following his success with his 2013 Academy Award win for producing Argo.

Of course, Affleck was not exactly into this analysis of his life and made it known that, unlike what the article suggests, he's actually doing "just fine." As previously stated, his response also served as a confirmation that his phoenix tattoo is indeed real. The interwebs assumed as much when the ink once again made headlines around March 16, seeing as though the tat was first called into question way back in 2015.

Obviously, since Affleck was photographed with the ink recently, the tattoo was clearly not fake, as the actor originally claimed in March 2016. The tattoo is actually very real. In fact, it's almost too real for some people. Many Twitter users went wild over it on the social media site when it emerged after Affleck was spotted in Hawaii.

The main reason why people freaked out was not only because his tattoo is honestly pretty garish, but also because the actor previously denied that it was real. In an interview with Mario Lopez on Extra, Affleck stated that the ink was fake after photos of it emerged in late 2015, per Us Weekly. When the host asked him about the large phoenix on his back, the actor replied that it was "fake for a movie." He continued,

"I actually do have a number of tattoos… but I try to have them in places where you don’t have to do a lot of cover up… they get sort of addictive, tattoos, after awhile."

Sorry, Affleck, but the internet caught you red-handed on this little white lie. Yet, it doesn't seem as though he cares all that much. He totally owned up to the ink in his latest Twitter response. And, just in case you were wondering after seeing the tattoo, he's doing just fine.