Ben Bought An Engagement Ring On 'The Mindy Project,' But Mindy's Not Interested In Marriage

Richard Foreman/Universal Television

When The Mindy Project started, Mindy was obsessed with romantic comedy tropes in hopes of finding a husband. Now, several seasons and major life changes later, her views have changed a little bit. Because this it a sitcom, however, that could create conflict. Ben bought an engagement ring on The Mindy Project before learning that she doesn't want to change their relationship status to something more permanent.

Ben worked hard to squash rumors that he had been ring shopping, but The Mindy Project pulled a fast one on us. It seemed as if the rumors had forced him to confront his feelings and bring up marriage with Mindy — but he had actually been in the market and actually purchased a ring. At the episode, Mindy and Ben fell asleep in silence, facing opposite ends of the bed. Mindy is content in her relationship with Ben and doesn't want to mess it up by getting engaged. Ben, on the other hand, had already taken that next step.

I don't necessarily think they're headed for a breakup, but this is still an unfortunate and awkward situation. Ben's preteen daughter was with her when he went ring shopping and everything.

I am surprised that Ben went ahead and did this without at least broaching the subject with Mindy first, honestly. There are certain things that every couple should discuss before getting engaged, and the stakes are higher with Ben and Mindy. Both of them have kids! Their adult lives are already established and this is not the time for a surprise proposal. It's a good thing that Ben found out Mindy doesn't want to get married before proposing. Hopefully they'll have the chance to discuss it further, before someone finds that ring.