New Ben & Jerry's Flavors Are Here!

by Lily Feinn
Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Looking for a dessert that pairs perfectly with your TGIF plans? You might consider adding ice cream to your list of preferred winter treats, because Ben & Jerry's Urban Bourbon ice cream is here, and it's perfect. To be fair, it isn't the only boozy Ben & Jerry's flavor ever to be released; Bourbon Brown Butter, Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale have all existed in limited runs in the past (and for what it's worth, Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale was also available as a beer. That's right: We had beer-flavored ice cream and ice cream-flavored beer). With Urban Bourbon's release, however, the entire country can enjoy a booze-kissed treat with no limitations. As they say, it's five o'clock somewhere!

We caught wind back in early January that our favorite Vermont-based scoop kings might be welcoming a few new flavors to their impressively sweet roster; however, the rumors were not confirmed until Jan. 25 with the announcement of three new creamy additions: Oat of this Swirled, Truffle Kerfuffle, and of course, Urban Bourbon. As Ben & Jerry's proclaimed in their press release, "we’re not fudging around!" And, boy, am I grateful for that.

The new flavors are "inspired by some of today’s tastiest food trends," according to the press release, and will most certainly appeal to Millennial taste buds (so much better than a "Pickle Back" flavor).

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's latest boozy creation starts with a base of burnt caramel ice cream. The slight bitterness from burning the sugar balances the flavor, and stops it from becoming overwhelmingly sweet. A healthy sprinkling of almonds and fudge flakes are added to the mix to give it a nutty crunch and rich depth; then swirls of bourbon caramel sauce will basically turn your spoon into a portal of pure bliss. As Delish reports, Urban Bourbon will be the "first ice cream with an alcohol base to join the permanent lineup." This ice cream has spirit — yes, it does.

If anything is going to convince you to eat ice cream in the middle of winter, it's these new flavors. Oat of this Swirled resembles the best chocolate-chip oatmeal cookie with a base of brown sugar ice cream, fudge flakes, and oatmeal cinnamon cookie swirls, while Truffle Kerfuffle dots classic vanilla ice cream with fudge flakes, toasty roasted pecans, and a salted chocolate ganache swirl.

Pints of the new trio will be available at retailers nationwide starting mid-February. You'll only have to pony up between $4.99 to $5.99 per pint to try one of these B&J newbies. Truffle Kerfuffle will also be available in scoop shops, but the other two will have to live in your home freezer.

While I couldn't be more excited for these frosty desserts, the jury is still out on whether Urban Bourbon will provide enough booze and creamy deliciousness to get us through the next four years. At least it will help!