Ben & Jerry's New Valentine's Day Flavor Looks Dreamy As Heck

Ben & Jerry's

It is with extreme delight that I am ready to inform the public that Ben & Jerry's secretly took a picture of the inside of my brain, then froze it, shoved some millennial pink into it, and put it in ice cream form as the new Ben & Jerry's Valentine's Day flavor. Dubbed "Love is ...", the new flavor is one of Ben & Jerry's "Topped" ice creams, all of which feature different toppings above the pint of ice cream. This one features "buttery brown sugar ice cream with pink salted caramel cups, a cookie swirl, a pink topping and heart-shaped chunks," which speaks so firmly to my soul that I basically just ascended into my final Powerpuff Girl form.

A bit of a caveat, though: while the ice cream is confirmed to debut in February, it seems to be exclusive to the UK; Bustle has reached out to Ben & Jerry's about potential US availability, and a spokesperson let us know there aren't any plans to bring it stateside at this time. This one may be worth the venture across the pond, though — not only does it sound delicious, but it also benefits a great cause.

"At Ben & Jerry’s, we believe that Love Is… giving a warm welcome, whether that’s to a new flavour, our ingredients, or to refugees and people seeking asylum," Ben & Jerry's writes on its website. "We’ve partnered with our friends Refugee Action because we want to give a megacone -ahem, megaphone- to the people who stand up for love and give refugees a warm welcome. So, our flavour gurus have concocted a new flavour from the heart; it’s an all new buttery brown sugar ice cream, which we love, and a handful of pink hearts were (lovingly) thrown on top for good measure. Let’s show love to people seeking safety."

Other "Topped" flavors in the Ben & Jerry's line in the UK include Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough, Pretzel Palooza, Salted Caramel Brownie, and Strawberry Swirled, which to me just look together like four MORE good reasons to blow your savings on a plane ticket to the UK, stat.

That being said, we've got plenty to celebrate ice cream-wise right where we are; in case you missed it, Ben & Jerry's just launched two new Pint Slice flavors, available in Amaze-Mint, which Ben & Jerry's describes as "cool mint cookie balls covered in dark chocolate and cookie crumbs," and Candy Bar, which it describes as as "sweet-savory mix of fudge flakes, peanut butter, and salty pretzels."

Ben & Jerry's

These join the other Pint Slice flavors of Cherry Garcia, Coffee,Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz, The Tonight Dough, Americone Dream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup, so they are in good company.

And yes, these aren't "Topped" like the UK flavors, but are arguably better because they are encased with chocolate not just on top, but all sides. (In the US, as usual, it's go big or go home.) So these ought to tide you over until we all make enough noise for Ben & Jerry's to bring these Topped flavors across the Atlantic. Who's with me??