Benefit Is Expanding The Shade Range On Its Most Popular Brow Product & OMG It’s So Good

Benefit Cosmetics

If you are a fan of Benefit Cosmetics, you have likely spent the last week rejoicing in the news that the brand's beloved brow product, Gimme Brow, is making its return with a new formula and a new name (Gimme Brow+) since being discontinued last October. And as if that wasn't news enough to make your brow-loving heart fill with joy, the San Francisco-based cosmetics company has decided to take things a few steps further and hit their customers with some even more exciting news: Gimme Brow+ is adding five new shades to its collection, which means you can now choose from a total of eight different colors to achieve that perfectly natural-looking brow. Are your brows screaming? Of course they are — so are everyone else's.

Previously, Gimme Brow was only available in three original shades — Cool Light Blonde (1), Neutral Light Brown (3), and Cool Black-Brown (5). And while those three shades alone garnered a dedicated following when the product launched back in 2013, Benefit Cosmetics decided it wasn't enough for its loyal fans. Many of the other brand's other brow products, like Precisely, My Eyebrow Pencil and Ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel, come in six shades, so this is the first time a Benefit Cosmetics brow product is being offered in eight different colors, which includes two brand new half shades: Warm Auburn Brown (3.5) and Neutral Deep Brown (4.5). If you were between two different shades before, you no longer have to feel torn between which one you should choose. (Hooray!)

Benefit Cosmetics

While the shades are new, the product will deliver the same volumizing effect customers have grown to love and obsess over, but without the risk of stinging your eyes like the old formula (which was the cause for Gimme Brow's voluntary recall in 2017). Benefit Cosmetics asked a group of women to test the new formula and 94 percent of them reported that their brows looked visibly thicker with Gimme Brow+, according to the brand.

So, why the name change? In addition to updating the formula to include updated ingredients and to meet the standards of its parent company, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics wanted to give customers a visual cue (a plus sign), both on the packaging and the product, "to tell people exactly what it does — adds volume to your brows!" So in case it wasn't crystal clear before, Benefit's Gimme Brow+ will still make your eyebrows instantly fuller, thanks to the same tiny, magical microfibers that adhere to your skin and hairs. The product also has a new box, featuring the brand's signature pink color.

Left: Before Gimme Brow+; Right: After Gimme Brow+ (Benefit Cosmetics)

There is a bit of bad news, however — you will have to wait until May 22 to get your hands on the new Gimme Brow+ shade extensions. Fortunately, you can tide yourself over with the original Gimme Brow+ shades until then, which are available across all Benefit Cosmetics retailers online beginning March 13 for $24 each.

While you wait, check out all of the new colors and figure out which one you are so you can be ready to purchase come May 22. Here are the five new Gimme Brow+ shades being added to the line.

Warm Golden Blonde (2)

Benefit Cosmetics

If you're more of a warm, golden-hued blonde versus cool and light, but are not quite brunette, this new shade was made just for you.

Warm Auburn Brown (3.5)

Benefit Cosmetics

Attention redheads — Benefit Cosmetics wants to end your lifelong search for a brow product that actually works for you. This auburn-hued brown shade will go perfectly with your gorgeous hair.

Warm Deep Brown (4)

If you were between a Gimme Brow shade 3 and shade 6 previously, you now have four new shades to choose from, Warm Deep Brown (4) being one of them.

Neutral Deep Brown (4.5)

Benefit Cosmetics

Sometimes you're neither warm nor cool, you're just neutral! Benefit Cosmetics gets it, which is why they made this new shade just for you.

Warm Black-Brown (6)

Benefit Cosmetics

Warm Black-Brown (6) has been offered in Benefit's other brow products, so its arrival as part of the Gimme Brow+ line has been a long time coming.