You Can Now Get A Rosé Flavored Sangria Juice Box & It’s A Summertime Dream Come True

Juice boxes aren't just for the jungle gym. Seriously, just because you're a grown-ass woman doesn't mean you can't enjoy a juice box every now and then. My friendlies, if juice boxes are your jam, I have good news. Beso Del Sol Sangria Juice Boxes come in red, white, and rosé, which means you can sip your juice all damn day while lazying around on your unicorn pool float or swishing your slip-on mermaid tail.

Each adult juice box contains three servings of sangria, which is the kind of juice box Karen Walker from Will & Grace would definitely endorse. Because, showing up at a party and spouting off classic Karen, "Honey, look what I brought! Juice boxes," is guaranteed to make you everyone's favorite guest. If anyone pulls a Grace and tells you, "Wine is not juice," don't offer that person an adult juice box because that kind of negativity shouldn't be rewarded.

If you don't want to tote around the three-liter juice box, Beso Del Sol offers 500 milliliter resealable sangria juice boxes that don't need to be refrigerated. What's more, there's no need to feel guilty for enjoying your adult juice box like a boss because Beso Del Sol is made from 100 percent all-natch ingredients, it's gluten free and vegan, and the container is fully recyclable. Finally, every product from Beso Del Sol is super Instagrammable, which means you can post eleventy million #BetterWithBeso adult juice box stories during your next rosé all day.

In fact, because juice boxes were featured at the Museum of Modern Art in 2014 as a part of their Humble Masterpieces exhibit, you're pretty much required to post your own juice box art if you want to properly honor the genius invention that allows you to sip your adult juice.

Not sure which juice box will be your fave? Here's all the deets. Beso Del Sol's white sangria is made from 100 percent Spanish Airén grapes and blended with lemon, peach, and mango. The pink rosé sangria comes from 100 percent Spanish Tempranillo grapes, and has hints of lemon, peach, mango, and is finished with a touch of cinnamon. The red sangria is also made with Spanish Tempranillo grapes, and is blended with lemon, orange, and cinnamon.

You can score Beso Del Sol are your local grocery store. While it seems like juice boxes, known by their official name as Tetra Paks, have always been with us, according to Groundwork Presents history of juice boxes they actually didn't hit the scene until 1974. Because that's before you were born, juice boxes are definitely considered vintage and old-timey.

If you really want to make your parents feel old, ask them what life was like in the olden days before juice boxes were invented. They might say they don't know how they ever got along without them because the major benefit of juice, or wine, in a box is that it lasts a long time without spoiling. Obviously you're not going to let your adult juice boxes hang around long enough to turn, but if someone gifts you with more than you can drink it's nice to know you can store them for the apocalypse.

If you want to class it up for a grown-up cocktail party, Beso Del Sol also comes in 750 millimeter and 1.5 liter bottles. Because some occasions call for bubbles, in addition to sangria, you can grab some sparkling white or rosé. If you opt got the three-liter bag in a box, this option has major staying power. It comes with its own pour spout, stays fresh for six weeks after it's opened, and for two years unopened. Seriously, put this one in your zombie apocalypse pack.

These sangria juice boxes are pretty to look at, satisfying to sip, and they nurture your need for nostalgia. They're actually a summer dream come true. Let's declare summer 2018 the year of the grown up juice box. After all, some things should last forever, and that feeling your get from squeezing your juice box is one of them.