7 Pieces of Evil Eye Jewellery Just Like Meghan's To Help You Ward Off The Haters

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Meghan Markle's jewellery choices throughout her royal tour of Africa have been nearly as notable as her clothing sartorial decisions. Perhaps the standout moment of her jewellery wardrobe was when she wore a stunning oversized pair of Gas Bijoux gold earrings, which she paired with a simple black Everlane jumpsuit. That is, until now. Meghan today stepped out with a subtle yet very meaningful evil eye design bracelet, and her choice has set tongues wagging. Inspired by her look? I found some of the coolest evil eye jewellery you can buy, as inspired by The Duchess of Sussex herself.

While her £275 Alemdara bracelet looked low key and understated (along with her pared down outfit that consisted of a khaki trench dress from Banana Republic and matching Stuart Weitzman heels), some have commented that the Duchess' choice of evil eye bracelet may in fact carry a deeper meaning.

In fact, royal reporter Elizabeth Holmes believes the bracelet was a purposeful choice, and was chosen in relation to the recent news that Prince Harry is suing a British tabloid for their bullying behaviour of Meghan. "This is the sartorial equivalent of laying bare one's soul!!!" Holmes wrote on Instagram, adding: "The lack of colour draws your eye immediately to her face, to look at HER in the eyes."

The eye symbol has a specific meaning, and is thought to protect the wearer from malicious glares, and other evil forces. In fact, the idea behind the evil eye curse is that those who achieve success and recognition will also attract the envy of others, who will try to undo their success. Sounds like it could be related to recent events, no?

However, this is not the first time Meghan has chosen to sport the symbol, having previously worn it in jewellery pieces at September's U.S. Open tennis tournament, and earlier in the royal tour of Africa, where she wore an evil eye necklace.

It's clear that the evil eye symbol is a favourite of Meghan's, and if you want to get her look, here are seven of the coolest evil eye earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets:

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