12 BFF Memes For National Best Friends Day

If you haven't heard yet, June 8 is National Best Friends Day, which means you actually have an official 24 hours to celebrate your bestie and everything she means to you. If you need a little help putting your relationship into words, these best friend memes have got you covered. Each one manages to sum up all the feels of having a best friend, and they do it in ways that will make you laugh, snicker, and nod your head in complete agreement.

A best friend is like having a sibling that you never get in fights with. Imagine a sister minus the sibling rivalry... that's pretty much your bestie. They are around through thick and thin, and they will always put a smile on your face and some hope in your heart no matter how tough life might be (and life can be pretty darn tough sometimes, you guys).

This June 8, let your BFF know what she (or he!) means to you. Be it through text, a wine date, or a good ol' fashioned Facebook wall post, you have got to share some of these memes with your best friend. After all, if she thinks like you, she will enjoy them just as whole-heartedly.

"That's what she said..."

Because a BFF is basically a therapist.

The conversation that sparks the purchase of those matching BFF necklaces...

There's nothing worse than a BFF who's not being attentive to her phone.

Life's tough without a bestie.

If this wasn't elementary school in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

Oh heck yes.

Thank goodness for texting!

Plus, they're willing to pose in countless selfies with you so that the world knows you're pals.

Ah, too true.

Can these mugs be any more hilarious? Doubtful.

Great minds think alike.

Images: MemeCenter