Beth & Rio Hooked Up On 'Good Girls' & Yeah, It's Going To Change Everything

Jordin Althaus/NBC

Spoilers ahead for Good Girls Season 2, Episode 4. It has been a long time coming, but after months of some serious sexual tension, Beth and Rio hooked up on Good Girls. Sure, Beth's choice to do so while on a date with her husband Dean is bold. But clearly, the whole show is about Beth, Annie, and Ruby turning from "good girls" to "bad girls," so this is another step in that direction. Besides what this will potentially do to her marriage, Beth and Rio's dalliance will have some major repercussions for their business as well. By the end of the March 24 episode, Rio has already shown how it's shifted the power dynamic in their criminal partnership, insisting that Dean's dealership now launder his counterfeit money. And there's bound to be plenty more changes where that came from.

Beth starts the episode "Pick Your Poison" by being the "boss bitch" that Rio told her to be. She decides to use her husband's car dealership as the front to clean the fake money that Rio left for her in the storage locker. The problem is: Dean sucks at business. So she has to take matters into her own hands by becoming a car salesperson for her husband, which she happens to be amazing at. But Dean still doesn't respect his wife, so is it any wonder that when she spots Rio at the bar she's at with Dean, she decides to have sex with him in the bathroom?

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Of course, cheating in a marriage isn't fair to your partner. But Good Girls kicked off with Dean cheating on Beth and losing all their money, so in a way, this is her payback. While Dean ended the affair, he still isn't recognizing his wife's value, and he belittles her after she starts salvaging his business. So, really, does she owe that much to him? Yes, her shady deals led to Rio shooting Dean, but at this point, it seems she'd be much better off without him.

Except now, there's no way that Beth can separate herself from Dean. That's because Rio liked Beth's strategy of washing the money through Dean's car dealership so much that he has decided to get back into the game. It's definitely a bit of a blow to Beth, who he just gave all this power to only to take it away after they had sex. Rio has forced her back into the business, but one way to look at this in a positive-ish light is that Rio's involvement could mean much more money for everyone involved. After all, Beth had been on her way to burn the fake money when she finds Rio took it back. But Beth becoming a criminal mastermind seems like an inevitability at this point, so Rio is just pushing her in that direction by stopping her from destroying the cash.

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However, as The Notorious B.I.G. rapped, more money means more problems. And a real big problem is this added sexual dynamic between Beth and Rio. Dean already hates Rio, considering he, ya know, shot him. So if Dean finds out his wife slept with him, his jealousy will probably be off the charts. Also, are Beth and Rio going to keep having sex? The laws of juicy TV dictate they should and if so, it will certainly complicate matters even further since the two of them will have to keep the affair secret from their new business partner, Dean.

Beyond Rio flipping his game and Beth having this major secret from her husband, there's the issue of Mary Pat's son revealing to the FBI that she hid Leslie's dead body in her freezer. But for now, forget about that little problem and revel in the glory of Beth finally acting on her sexual desire and gaining more independence from Dean. Ideally, she will leave him (and no, not for Rio — just for herself), but in the meantime, she might as well use her hubby for his business and make the most out of this affair with Rio. Let Beth have her cake and eat it too.