Beyoncé's Baby News Led To An Insane Twitter Stat

Chris Graythen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Soon after announcing she was expecting twins with Jay Z via Instagram Wednesday, Beyonce's baby announcement became a Twitter success. No matter what Queen Bey says or does, she is always super successful, isn't she? According to a press release from Twitter, "Within a few minutes of Beyoncé making her pregnancy announcement, 'TWINS' was the top trend on Twitter (since then we've seen 'Beyonce,' 'Blue,' 'Beyhive' also trend)."

Twitter also said that "within 15 minutes of the announcement, there were over 17K Tweets being sent per minute about Beyoncé's news." The social media network added, "Within 45 minutes of Beyoncé's announcement, there were over half a million Tweets about the surprise news."

Does that really surprise anyone? This is Beyoncé we're talking about. Plus, during a time when social media has been primarily filled with posts about politics and Donald Trump, it sure seems like everyone is welcoming Beyoncé's exciting news with welcome arms. The world now has something else to discuss to get our minds off of politics, if only for just a minute — and it's actually happy news.

Based on the statistics provided by Twitter, when anyone is need of something to turn their day around, you can rely on Beyoncé.