Beyoncé's Mom Wrote Her A Birthday Message That Truly Captures What A Legend She Is

by Parry Ernsberger
Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every parent has high hopes for their child. It's not uncommon to hear new mothers say things like, "She's perfect," or, "She's going to be a star one day." Rarely do those kinds of statements prove to be true — unless, of course, your child is Beyoncé. On Wednesday, Sept. 4, Tina Knowles posted a birthday message to Beyoncé on Instagram, in honor of her 38th birthday. The caption she wrote is undoubtedly a worthy tribute to *the* Queen B, and also proves that she has always known her daughter was destined for greatness.

The pic Tina chose to share for Bey's birthday post is undeniably lovely. In it, she and her famous daughter are surrounded by perfectly soft lighting. They're both wearing killer outfits — which isn't exactly surprising — and are beaming for the camera in a genuinely happy way.

"38 years ago today you came into my life and i know without a shred of doubt that God sent you!!!" Tina began the caption for the lengthy ode, which you can read in full via the photo below. "The moment i saw you i knew that that was IT !!!! We’ve been the best of friends since then . You have brought me such Joy and pride and love and friendship !!! Your heart is as big as Texas !! You are one of the best moms ever ! And I love you soo much."

Now, it's not exactly clear what Miss Tina meant when she said, "The moment i saw you i knew that that was IT." However, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that by "IT," she meant something along the lines of, "that was the day that the world was blessed with a would-be legend." Just a ball-park guess, of course.

Even though today is the day she was born, Beyoncé actually started celebrating her birthday a little early this year. On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the star shared several photos of her own on Instagram, which were taken backstage at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia.

The first photo shows Bey solo, grinning from ear-to-ear with a big ol' candle-adorned cake in her hands. The next thing she shared was a short video, wherein she's smiling and bopping along while her husband Jay Z and a group of her friends sing "Happy Birthday." It's really, really sweet.

Bey shared a bunch more photos after that, each one seemingly cuter than the last. Most of them show her with various friends, in various states of absolute glee. Oh, and there's one where Jay Z appears to be giving a speech while holding the most massive bottle of champagne that you will likely ever lay your eyes on. It's legitimately impressive. Only the best and the biggest will suffice for the Queen.

Now, there's no way Tina could have actually known that Beyoncé would become such an indisputable legend. She could have very well felt some kind of mother's intuition or whatever, which may have ultimately led her to encourage her daughter's talents. Who knows. One thing's for sure, though: We're all incredibly lucky to have B in our lives today.