Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Is Finally Streaming & Of Course, Twitter Is Freaking Out

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that it's been three years since Beyoncé released Lemonade upon the masses, what better way to celebrate than by listening to the masterpiece itself? That's a little hard to do, though, if you rely on streaming services for your music fix — but not anymore. As of Tuesday, April 23, Lemonade is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, as reported by Rolling Stone, and as you might have guessed, fans on Twitter are collectively freaking out about it. This is big news, because until now, fans would have had to have been a member of TIDAL if they wanted to stream the album.

It's already been a very good month for Beyoncé fans. On April 17, Homecoming hit Netflix, a documentary that went behind the scenes of her Coachella performance last year. And on top of that, she released a live album from the performance at the same time. And now with Lemonade finally streaming, it's almost too much to take.

Apple Music announced the good news on their own Twitter on as soon as midnight hit on Tuesday, sharing a tweet that featured Lemonade's album cover. Spotify shared a similar tweet, and it didn't take long before fans made the album a trending topic.

So many people are tweeting about how they're listening to Lemonade like it's the first time, even though it is very obviously not the first time:

Others have even admitted to deleting their illegal downloads of the album now that they're able to stream the music instead — hey, they're doing the right thing. Better late than never.

Others were pointing out that Beyoncé must have known that her fans would listen to Lemonade again, even though it's an old album. People are obviously talking about it all over again like it's new anyway, because this lady knows what she's doing.

And maybe it'll even hit the charts again. If anyone could make it happen, it would be Beyoncé.

After all, it was already trending and making headlines just because it was streaming, so charting wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

Some people thought this was the perfect time to campaign for their favorite songs all over again, like "Love Drought":

And then, there's this very accurate representation of Beyoncé finally giving up the goods to the streaming services three years later, after we all thought it was a useless waiting game.

At times, it seemed like Lemonade would never stream anywhere but TIDAL, so if you feel like Rose at the end of Titanic right about now, you're definitely not the only one. It's been 84 years at least.

Lemonade might be a three years old album, but it's never been more convenient to listen to than it is now. So whether you're more into Apple Music or Spotify, feel free to celebrate three years of Beyoncé's masterpiece as fully and completely as these fans on Twitter are. Is it even possible to listen to this album too many times?