Billie Eilish Thought That The Spice Girls Were A Fake Band For The Most Relatable Reason

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Most ‘90s kids have vivid memories of watching episodes of Rugrats, hearing Britney Spears on the radio, and perhaps most notably, witnessing the global reign of the Spice Girls in real time. Sadly, the Spice movement (and their pop star status) was lost on much of Gen Z (people born in the mid-late '90s and early 2000s), including Billie Eilish. As she revealed during an interview on British radio station Capitol FM’s morning show, Billie Eilish thought the Spice Girls were a fake band, created for the group’s iconic 1998 film Spice World.

As reported by NME, the 17-year-old artist confessed on-air that she did not know that the Spice Girls were a legitimate girl band, nor did she know just how massively successful they were. During her radio interview, she admitted the fun fact by recalling how she was initially introduced to the legendary girl group through Spice World, which led her to thinking that it was “a made-up movie about a group of girls who sang.”

“I thought all the music was written for the movie,” Eilish explained, as per NME. “I thought all the characters were cast for those characters. I didn’t figure it out until two years ago.”

Eilish was a huge fan of the movie. The artist professed her unusual knowledge about the group in an interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show on April 1. “I watched that movie like 40 times,” she said. “I remember seeing Spice Girls [were coming back] and I was like, ‘Oh my god, they’re re-enacting the movie,’ because I thought it like was a fictional movie about some girls called the Spice Girls. It wasn’t.” While her information about the Spice Girls was completely off, she is onto something — the five Girls should absolutely reunite for another Spice World movie.

Luckily, at least one member of the Spice Girls is already a huge fan of Eilish, a teen sensation in her own right, and likely wouldn’t mind the innocent mistake. Melanic C, better known as Sporty Spice, attended one of the young singer's shows at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London and wrote some glowing words about the singer on Instagram, remarking that she had “never seen ‘the bush’ bounce like that.”

“Billie is an extraordinary talent and seeing young girls screaming with her every move and singing every word of her lyrics, gave me goosebumps,” Mel C wrote in her March 6 Instagram post. “Billie Eilish you are a phenomenon and I salute you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!” She finished her sweet note with #girlpower, reminding everyone that the Spice Girls’ spirit will live on forever.

Eilish, now a certified fan of the actual Spice Girls, responded to Mel C by reposting the photo onto her own Instagram stories, as seen in a screenshot captured by Alt Press. “Are you KIDDING me?”, she commented , which captures both the appropriate reaction to meeting a Spice Girl and our own reaction when we found out who she thought the group was. But considering that she's only 17 years old, she's more than forgiven for this hilarious oversight. Perhaps she'll even hit up the Spice Girls' highly anticipated reunion tour? Hope to see you there!