Billie Eilish's Bershka Collection Will Be The Comfiest Investment You'll Ever Make

by Lauren Sharkey

Billie Eilish must be fed up with people mentioning her age, but the 17-year-old star has already done what most other people, let alone teenagers, have only dreamt of. Now she can add fashion designer to her long list of achievements. On Aug. 29, Billie Eilish's Bershka collection will be releasing online and in-store. Full of bold, baggy pieces, the collaboration is the epitome of comfort. And for that reason, it's guaranteed to be a sell-out.

Eilish is known for her unique sense of style, summed up by oversized tees, graphic Bermuda shorts, and chunky trainers. In a recent Calvin Klein campaign, she opened up about why she wears big, baggy clothes. "Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath," she said.

But she isn't trying to make a specific statement on female sexualisation, a V magazine interview revealed. Speaking to Pharrell Williams, the singer-songwriter touched on the misconception surrounding her dress sense: "It’s a weird thing because I know a lot of what I hear is a positive or people trying to be positive about how I dress. [Even] from my parents, [the] positive [comments] about how I dress have this slut-shaming element. Like, 'I am so glad that you are dressing like a boy, so that other girls can dress like boys, so that they aren’t sluts.'"

Eilish said she didn't "appreciate" that kind of sentiment, telling Williams: "I have always supported and f***ed with and just loved when a woman or a man or anyone in the world feels comfortable in their skin, their body, to show just whatever they want. I don’t like that there’s this weird new world of supporting me by shaming people that [may not] want to [dress like me]."

Her Bershka collection is giving people the chance to dress however they want, whether that's wearing multiple pieces in one oversized look or styling a hoodie as a dress. Colour-wise, you can go monochromatic or try a stand-out orange or green print. Prices start from £12.99 for a phone case or tote bag and range up to £45.99 for a hoodie. Unisex styles feature heavily, making this celebrity range one of the few to be accessible in that area.

Certain pieces are already available via the brand's Instagram Stories, but you'll have to wait until Aug. 29 for the full collection. Six stores in the UK will stock it: London's Oxford Street, both Westfield shopping centres, Churchill Square in Brighton, Bristol's Broadmead, and St. David's Shopping Centre in Cardiff. Alternatively, browse the entire range online.

Here's every single item up for grabs.

Here's to a comfort-first life.