Billy & Sara's ''Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' Showmance Was Doomed From The Start


The VIP hosts at Lohan Beach House have been busy this summer, and not just taking care of Lindsay's A-list clientele. While Lindsay and Panos insist their employees should be there to work and not to start relationships, Sara and Brent just couldn't seem to help themselves from getting involved. And then when they decided to call it quits, Billy didn't waste any time before swooping in and trying his luck with Sara. While the two seemed to be having a good time, it looks like things might have gone south already. So, are Sara and Billy dating after Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

Sara Tariq, originally from LA, has been dishing the dirt after every episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club in her own column in Us Weekly. After last week's episode — you know, the one where she kissed Billy on the boat in front of Brent and everybody else — she wrote in her column that she wasn't really considering Billy as longterm relationship material. "Why did I kiss Billy? Because he’s cute, duh," she explained. "Now, do I want to wife him up? Meh, probably not."


Sorry, Billy, but it looks like you never really had all that much of a chance in the first place.

Now, in this week's episode, Billy pretty much blew whatever chance he had with Sara when he ran off and kissed another girl at a club. In front of Brent, no less! Granted, Billy and Sara were not officially dating, so it's not exactly cheating, but it wasn't exactly a nice thing to do, either.

At this point, Sara is clearly frustrated with all the boy drama, and honestly, who can blame her? She made it pretty clear by the end of the episode that, despite Billy's honest apology, she just wasn't really interested in getting involved with anyone anymore.

On March 7, she posted this snap of herself on Instagram with the caption "#SingleSara." Flying solo must agree with her, because she looks as stunning as ever.

If #SingleSara isn't enough of an indication to convince you that she's truly not with Billy anymore, she posted another shot of herself on Valentine's Day with the caption, "Fun fact: I’ve never had a Valentine..." So clearly, she wasn't in a relationship with Billy, Brent, or anyone else this February 14.

Both Billy and Sara are still following each other on Instagram, though, so their fling must not have ended on the worst terms. Sara and Brent, on the other hand, are not following each other anymore...

Sara might have left Billy and Brent behind, but it looks like she still formed at least one lasting relationship in Mykonos. On February 11, she posted this shot of herself and Jonitta in the middle of a fun night out. Obviously the friendship that the two started on the show was able to outlast their time at Lohan Beach Club and fit into their regular lives. And honestly, out of all the people Sara started relationships with that summer, I feel like she made the right call in the end.