You Can Get A Candle With A Scent Specifically Tailored To Your Birthday

by Brittany Bennett
Birthdate Candles

Ever wish there was a candle that just understood what you like so that you didn't have to wander around the store sniffing every scent until your sense of smell was erased? Prepare your nose for perfection. Birthdate Candles are so specific they're basically made for you — and you might just learn something about yourself.

Candle shopping per your zodiac sign is a great idea. Astrological candles are created to compliment the plethora of personality traits in a single sign and can therefore lead to optimal relaxing. A Gemini might prefer the duality of a scent, something spicy and sweet, while a Taurus might be more enamored with something a bit more luxurious. But not all twins or bulls of the zodiac are the same. Preferences are all in the details. And sometimes that detail is your actual birthday.

Per the Birthdate Candle's official website, the candles combine astrology, numerology, and tarot to "unlock the secrets of your personality." Each fragrance — yes, there are 365 unique scents — are "carefully designed to enliven your spirit." Consider that wish for a candle to just ~get~ you granted. Not only will you come across a scent that's basically tailored for your specific sense of smell, you'll also learn more about yourself based on the day you were born.

You can find and order your birthday on the Birthdate Candles website. The 13.5-ounce candles regularly retail for $48, but are on sale for $38. With a burn time of 60-80 hours, you'll have a lot of quality relaxation time with a scent that's made for you. The customized candles also include information on your birthdate's ruling number, ruling planet, and tarot card, and even offers insight into your personality.

Curious, I found my birthdate to see if the scent would actually be a combination that excited me, a quickly bored Gemini. The June Sixteenth candle is a "lively, many sided scent" featuring "an underlying warm and woodsy sandalwood ... a middle note of water orchid, and a top notes emerge of lemon and sun-soaked amber." Is that me in a soy candle? Through and through, yes. From the bright citrus to the comforts of woodsy sandalwood and the fresh notes of water orchid, I can not stress enough how deeply I feel seen. A more perfect candle for me does not exist. This is my peak candle.

Birthdate Candles

The detailed personality reading on the back of the candle "will help you unlock the secrets to your unique position in the universe." Your strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and unique traits will all be covered to clue you into your path. Light your candle and open your journal. This relaxation time could become a more reflective time to tune into who are you and what you want.

Each birthday — even if you're a leap year baby — has its very own scent and reading. Browse the website to see if your birthday's scent matches your personal taste. I have a funny feeling that when you see your candle you too will screech, "It me!"