Blue Ivy’s 2017 Grammys Suit Looks Prince-Inspired & It’s Truly Adorable — PHOTOS

Her mom is one of the biggest celebs around, so it's no surprise that Blue Ivy's Grammys outfit completely stole the show. In case you might have missed the major moment, Blue Ivy wore what looks like Prince-inspired suit to the Grammys. The big sis-to be always looks stunning when she hits the red carpet, but this time was a true show stopping moment.

At the age of five, Blue Ivy already knows how to make a style statement. Last time fans saw the toddler at an awards show, she was wearing an $11,000 dress to the VMAs. There's no word on how much this ensemble costs, but she looks just as gorgeous in this suit. There's no doubt that this pink suit with a ruffled undershirt was Prince-inspired. Not many people could stand next to Beyonce and Jay-Z hold their own, but Blue Ivy is no average human being.

Although she wasn't the only toddler to walk the Grammys carpet, Blue Ivy's outfit was one to watch. She paired the Prince-esque look with a sparkly pink purse and high braid ponytail. Basically, she took a classic look and made it her own. Some people can't do that in their adulthood and Blue Ivy did it at age five.

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How adorable is that!

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Brb going to order myself a pink suit now.

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It doesn't get much better than this.