This New Business Show Makes Millennials Its Priority

by Sarah Fielding
Courtesy of Bold

Does the word "finance" automatically send stress waves down your body? When you think about saving for the future, are you unsure where to even start? You're not alone — and digital news network Bold wants to end that once and for all. It's time to check out Bold TV's Bold Business, a new show broadcasted weekly via Facebook Live that dishes out money and business content targeted specifically at Millennials.

Since its launch in 2015, Bold TV's programming has focused primarily on politics — and now, it's branching out into new territory. Bold Business takes an apolitical dive into diversity in business, something that more traditional programming has lacked in the past. "We launched Bold Business to fill a void in the marketplace for content that embraces diversity in every sense of the word: economic, racial, gender, geographic, generational," Carrie Sheffield, founder of Bold, tells Bustle. "We are saddened by the various silos we see in society, where feelings of distrust abound. However, at Bold Business we embrace this historic time when we can pop our bubbles [...] to create new understanding and empathy."

Sheffield is a host of the show, alongside Bold Business editor David Grasso and Bookstr CEO Sarah Hill. Samara Lynn, technology editor at Black Enterprise, and Selena Hill, associate digital editor at Black Enterprise, also appear as guest anchors.

Bold Business focuses on what Millennials are really looking for in their careers, based on data collected from a wide range of surveys. Two such focuses are how to maintain a work-life balance, and finding work you are passionate about. In just three short years Millennials will make up 50 percent of the global work force, according to professional service network PwC. The shift means that this generation needs to be prepared to handle what baby boomers leave behind as they retire. Bold Business looks at ways to be prepared for that.

"We deliver need-to-know information in a fun and digestible format that shows up right in your Facebook news feed." — David Grasso

"There are few content providers out there that directly speak to Millennial economic empowerment," Grasso says. "We deliver need-to-know information in a fun and digestible format that shows up right in your Facebook news feed."

The show is broadcast in a way that is geared toward how Millennials process news. Broadcasted via Facebook Live, programming includes trending business news taken directly from social media, social engagement, and interactive segments with the audience broken down into four categories: Work-Life Hacks, Changing Spaces, Gigging In America, and Coffee Shop Talk.

If you're thinking about expanding your financial and business understanding, then Bold Business could be a great show for you to check out. Catch it Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m ET on Bold TV's Facebook page.