This Solar Eclipse 2017 Watch Deal Is Just As Rare As The Event


If you're looking to spend Eclipse Day 2017 in a way that's a little less scientific, this is it. For the entire time of the eclipse, Brathwait is having a sale on their watches during the solar eclipse. Go ahead a glance at the sun with your Solar Eclipse Glasses and then get to shopping, because this sale is just as rare as the solar event.

Whether it's rain or shine, there's one thing that you can expect during the Solar Eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21 — major savings. The transparent watch maker Brathwait is offering up to 30 percent off of their eclipse-designed items for the big day. Their Minimalist Luminous watch's double domed dial was actually designed to mimic the illusion of a solar eclipse, so naturally they're celebrating with deals.

As the sun traces the path of totality, the savings will go from good to even better. Braitwait is offering 10 percent from 9am to 11am ET, 20 percent off from 11am to 1pm ET, and 30 percent off from 1pm to 3pm ET.

That's no code needed and no exceptions. Of course, that also means that the sale will be over as soon as the event is, so you better act fast. There's no telling how long it will stay in-stock.

Courtesy Brathwait

In case you're not familiar, Brathwait is a transparent watchmaker. That means that they design and offer luxury items without the extra-high price tag. Each watch is priced between $159 to $595 depending on the design. At the bottom of the product pages, you get the complete breakdown of the cost of all of the materials and production costs that it takes to make.

Yes, they charge more than what they make it for. But that, my friends, is called a profit. What's different is that the markup isn't an isn't an extraordinary amount amount, like other high end brands.

Courtesy Brathwait

Ready for the best part? These actually glow in the dark as well. You can wear this around all day, let it get all charged up, and then have it glow when you shut off the lights. How's that for the power of the sun?

Don't think of this as a typical luxury fashion purchase. Instead, think of it as a way to commemorate the moment forever.

Courtesy Brathwait

Set your alarms and get you wallets ready, because you won't want to miss this event. After all, you don't even have to travel halfway across the country to see it. You can shop right from your couch. I'm not saying that that's better than a solar eclipse, but it sure is a perk.