No, Braunwyn From 'RHOC' Doesn't Just Post Baby Pics On Instagram

Phillip Faraone/Bravo

It's not easy to be the new gal on a show like Real Housewives Of Orange County, but Braunwyn Windham-Burke seems to be taking it all in stride. Vicki's been demoted, Tamra and Shannon are yukking it up, Gina and Emily are going through some serious things, and Braunwyn's trying to figure out alliances and who to talk to and who not to fight with. Of course, she has seven kids, so she knows a thing or two about negotiation. In fact, a look through Braunwyn's Instagram from Real Housewives Of Orange County shows that this is one absolutely unflappable lady.

Braunwyn has parlayed her family structure into a successful mommy blog, Barefoot In Heels, and she's been very open and honest about the fact that people tend to think having seven children is, well, a little out of this world. She recently told People that she and her husband, Sean, wanted to have five kids, but when they had their five, their family didn't seem complete. Thus, there are two more.

"There is no chance of having baby number eight," she admitted, and not only because seven children means she's been breastfeeding for nearly 18 years straight. They also have no more embryos for IVF, so they're all set on the kids. Braunwyn isn't just a mom though — and a look through her Instagram shows how kids haven't slowed her down one bit.

She Loves To Globe-Trot

Think travel isn't for little tikes? Think again — Braunwyn and Sean bring their babies everywhere, so they get to enjoy the benefits of world travel while expanding their little one's minds. It's a little different than grownup trips, but so is life with kids anyway! They seem to favor Hawaii and Miami, where they lived when the children were little, and that makes sense — little bits of tropical paradise.

She's Super Into Her Husband

And look at him — who wouldn't be? But Braunwyn's public devotion to her husband, Sean, is not something you see every day, especially on social media and especially for a couple that's been together as long as they have. All the snaps they have together are absolutely adorable, and you can tell that these two have gone through a lot together and come out the other side.

She Adores A Party

Birthday party for the kids? Sure! A fete for her friends! Absolutely. Why not? Braunwyn has costumes, decorations, food, and more at the ready, and, with the addition of her also fun-loving mom, it has to be a laugh a minute in that house.

She Loves A Squishy Baby

Who wouldn't with these faces? And those chunky thighs? And the belly!

She's Getting Used To Her New Cast

Right now, these ladies are looking like friends, but you never know what's going to happen over the course of the season. Braunwyn is still figuring it all out, but hey — it looks like she's having a good time, doesn't it?

Braunwyn moves a mile a minute — let's hope the Real Housewives Of Orange County women can keep up with her.