Brendan Cole Was On 'Love Island' & OMG This Throwback Will Make You LOL

by Aoife Hanna
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Love Island is full of bombshells, but not quite like this. A picture has resurfaced on the Internet revealing a very famous Strictly Come Dancing pro was once on the ITV series. Brace yourself for this one — Brendan Cole was on Love Island. Seriously, I'm telling the truth.

OK, so I'm not talking about last year or even the year before that. What you might not know is that the show's format began in 2005 as Celebrity Love Island. Yes, you heard me. The second series aired in 2006 and that is when former Strictly star Brendan entered the villa. During his time on the show, he proved there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. The excellent ballroom dancer, charmer, and fan favourite was scandalous to say the very least. Getting up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem is the aim of the game on this addictive show and Cole certainly provided all the outrageous behaviour one would expect from a Love Island resident, and then some. Honestly he was pretty wild.

Awkwardly, 2006 was a dark time for fashion. Remember when board shorts and boot cut jeans were the crème de la crème and v-neck tops coupled with jaunty rosary bead necklaces were the height of hot hot attire for the average male fashionista? Urgh. Good old Cole provided excellent examples of the above as did his male co stars, Shane Lynch (Boyzone still make me swoon), Chris Brosnan, Leo Ihenacho, and Lee Otway. Check out his official Love Island pic below (lol):

Love Island/ITV

Gosh that leer is so good. Anyway, apart from lusty moments and coming in runner-up with former Eternal star Kéllé Bryan, Cole is remembered for something far worse than that. Basically after six weeks of not getting on with co-star Lee Otway, Cole had taken enough of his BS and got into a huge bust-up with him. Not like a bust-up when you shout at someone and make a fool of yourself. Oh no. He punched the Hollyoaks actor six times, according to reports in the Evening Standard, leaving him bleeding from the ear.

After a big day trip and far too much booze on board, an argument kicked off between the two. The drama started in the back of a limo when the pair returned to the island after a cute little day trip. Otway threw the first punch and Cole was having absolutely none of it. Six times though? Holy moly, did anyone call the police?!

Otway said after the incident that wanted to leave the show following the incident, but the pair later hugged and made up.

Cole's argument was:

I said my piece and then I get a punch thrown at me, and I must say I don't take too kindly to being hit. I didn't appreciate a punch thrown at me and I acted, I think, accordingly. I'm disappointed it's come to that after six weeks on Love Island because this should have been an amazing experience.

Explaining why he threw the first punch, Otway said he was left fuming after Cole had insulted him. Apparently, the Strictly veteran said the actor was "always trying to be the centre of attention, disrespectful behaviour". Speaking on the show at the time, he added: "He hit me six times. He said that's one punch for every week you p***ed me off."

The pair eventually hugged and made up but Brendan was unrepentant. However, with the newer seasons providing more than their fair share of fisticuffs, looks like Cole's big bust up won't be the only one to go down in Love Island history.

Love Island is on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.