Brennley Brown Changes Teams On 'The Voice' & It Could Give Her A Big Advantage

Tyler Golden/NBC

It's time to put those dukes up on The Voice because the battles have officially begun. Don't worry, these battles are fought with voices rather than fists, but make no mistake: those voices really packed a punch. One such voice was Brennley Brown, whose battle performance on The Voice proved to be a showcase for her range and ability to add deep emotion to a song. While battling fellow Voice contestant Lauren Duski by performing a duet of the recent country hit "Better Man" by Little Big Town, both women had the chance to really put their heart and souls into the song. In the end, it proved to be to both of their benefit, although Brown may have come away with a bit of an advantage.

Right off the bat, it was clear that both Brown and Duski were ready to give "Better Man" their all in the battle. When the entered into the rehearsal room with their coach, Blake Shelton, and Shelton's advisor, country singer Luke Bryan, they had to shake off their starstruck shock real quick and get to work. While Shelton was encouraging to Duski to use the raw emotion of a past break-up, he was complimentary of Brown's ability to channel those complex emotions within "Better Man" despite not having gone through a serious relationship yet.

It turns out that while Shelton chose Duski to stay on his team, both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani were eager to steal Brown. They were blown away by her emotion and range in singing in the battle; this left them chomping at the bit for her to choose their respective team. Brown ended up choosing Team Gwen and, in doing so, may have just given both herself and Stefani the advantage.

Having Brown's power and youthful soulfulness on her team could spell a big win for Stefani. Will Brown keep this hot streak up? Fingers crossed, yes.