Brian Littrell's Passionate Words About Donald Trump Might Ruin The Backstreet Boys Nostalgia For You — VIDEO

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You probably don't want it this way and you most likely won't feel larger than life after hearing these words, but Brian Littrell supports Donald Trump. That's right, one of the Backstreet Boys is a huge Trump fan. While chatting with TMZ outside of LAX Wednesday, the 41-year-old singer expressed his utmost respect for the president-elect, all while schooling Hollywood's reactions when it comes to one of the most controversial soon-to-be leaders of our nation.

First and foremost, there was seemingly a chance that BSB would perform at Trump's inauguration. Apparently, someone in charge reached out to Littrell to ask his band members if they would perform. "To be honest with you, they asked me to ask the guys to sing," he told TMZ. "It just didn’t work out. I would’ve been there if I could’ve. But we’re starting rehearsals for our Vegas show."

He did not say if the other guys would've been on board (a rep for the Backstreet Boys could not be reached at the time of publication), but Littrell totally would've been in Washington D.C. singing for the man who is set to become the 45th president of the United States on Friday, Jan. 19.

He doesn't understand why pretty much everyone in Hollywood didn't want to participate in the inauguration, because he said, "Hollywood needs to chill out. You’re talking about [the] commander-in-chief. We’re talking about respect." He added, "This is one love. This is America. We're the greatest nation on the planet, so just love each other, man, not use it as a divide."

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But here's where he got truly passionate and even got on his "high horse" expressing exactly how he feels about Trump:

"This guy, as of Friday, Inauguration Day, he’s gonna be our president. He’s gonna be our commander-in-chief. And he’s gonna do so many great things, in my opinion. Let me get on my high horse. In my opinion, he's gonna do so many great things for this nation and even for those people who disapprove of him. He's still gonna do great things for them. Give peace a chance."

If you think he stopped there, he certainly did not. Littrell couldn't walk away without talking about Trump's "balls." He said, "I have faith in the system. I have faith in his character, his beliefs, and his balls — let’s just put it that way."

I really don't think Trump's balls needed to be referenced here, but I guess Littrell feels just as passionately about them as he does in Trump as the country's next president.

With that, I'm just going to direct you to this gif of Nick Carter.


Nick Carter truly understands me during this uncomfortable time I'm going through after writing "Trump's balls" way too many times. Thanks a lot, Brian Littrell.