You Can Get 10 Burger King Chicken Nuggets For A Dollar Right Now

by Callie Tansill-Suddath
Burger King/Remixed by Bustle

The King has been busy; the Burger King, that is. This past year, Burger King has added a whole bunch of new items to its menu, and in the process reaffirmed the chain has far more to offer than mere Whoppers. But ask any fast foodie with a taste for nuggs and they will likely tell you BK has some of the best in the game. Burger King's chicken nuggets give even their signature Whopper a run for its money. Speaking of money, starting Oct. 11, you can get 10 chicken nuggets for one dollar at participating Burger King restaurants.

In a press release, Burger King detailed the promotion. As it turns out, one dollar chicken nuggets are far from the only part of it. Not only can you treat yourself to a dime per nugget, for a limited time, a 100-piece chicken nuggets box will be available exclusively on Postmates. Yes, one. Hundred. Nuggets. What could possibly make this better? FREE DELIVERY (when you use the code "nuggs"). It's time to assemble the entire squad for a nugget-eating party that will surely go down in eating history; but note, this offer is only available at participating locations in L.A., Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

Burger King's nuggets are "[b]attered in a homestyle seasoned breading" and "pair perfectly with any delicious signature Burger King restaurant dipping sauce including BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Zesty, Buffalo and Sweet & Sour," according to BK's press release. And now you finally have the opportunity to see whether all of those sauces hold up to scrutiny — with ten different nuggets, you have the chance to dip ten different ways. And that's not even considering the possibilities if you happen to get your hands on a hundred of them.

Burger King

There is really nothing else you need when feasting on some chicken nuggets... except a drink, of course. Luckily, Burger King has you covered in that department as well. Plus, it is doggone festive. Burger King's Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry Slushie is the goth sip you have always dreamed of, and a BK representative confirmed that they are available at participating locations this October.

Burger King

Longtime Burger King connoisseurs are likely well-aware of the chain's selection of slushes and creative beverages; ordinarily, though, they don't get options quite so ~spooky~. If you really want to make this offering a treat, the Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry Slushie can be upgraded to a frozen frosted drink with the addition of vanilla soft serve, making it kind of a hybrid slush/milkshake. Might seem a little Frankenstein-ian, but hey, no time like the spookiest time of the year, right?

Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, so your festivities may have to be a bit low-key. But who needs candy when you can have nuggets? At ten cents a nugg, these are probably cheaper than Halloween candy, anyway. If that isn't the universe telling you to treat yourself to unlimited nuggets this Halloween, I don't know what else you need to hear.