Burger King Just Added 2 Jalapeño Sandwiches To Its Menu

We all need a little bit of spice in our lives every now and then. Whether you need everything you eat to be spicy or you can barely handle Hot Cheetos, it can't hurt to try something new. Burger King is here to answer that call with two brand new sandwiches featuring Jalapeños: the Jalapeño King Sandwich and the Spicy Crispy Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich. Both will only be available at participating Burger King locations for a limited time, so get your hands on one and dig in while you can.

The Jalapeño King Sandwich features two savory flamed grilled beef patties topped with a layer of thick-cut smoked bacon and melted pepper jack cheese in between, according to Burger King's announcement. The spicy jalapeño and a creamy helping green chili aioli give the burger its kick, and its prepared on Burger King's signature toasted sesame seed bun. If you prefer chicken sandwiches, you can't go wrong with the Spicy Crispy Jalapeño Chicken Sandwich option. The limited edition menu item is made with 100% white meat seasoned chicken filet, which the chain describes as "breaded with bold flavors and just the right amount of heat," layered with thick-cut smoked bacon and pepper jack cheese like its burger counterpart, and topped off with spicy jalapeños, and a creamy green chili aioli on a toasted potato bun.

Burger King's two brand new Jalapeño sandwiches are pretty next level spicy — they're a step up from the chain's classic King Burger options (which include the Bacon King, Rodeo King, and Sourdough King) and the original Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Before BK ventured into full-fledged Jalapeño sandwiches, they even tested out Jalapeño Chicken Fries — a twist on one of their most popular menu items. The new item was announced in 2016 and was only available for a limited time, but I'm crossing my fingers that they bring this one back.

It seems like Burger King fans are liking the Jalapeño sandwiches already. YouTuber Jarred Chaisson reviewed the Spicy Crispy Jalapeño Chicken Sandwich yesterday and weighed in about how the new item tasted. After the first bite, he's already coughing from the heat. "It's really spicy, but it's very fresh," he comments, noting that the slice of pepper jack cheese might make the sandwich even spicier. "A lot of times you get something "spicy jalapeño" from a fast food place and it's not that hot — this time it's hot," he adds.

Bottom line: Burger King's Jalapeño sandwiches are fan-approved, but be prepared to drink three or four glasses of water (or milk) while you eat them. As Jarred said, frequently chain restaurants will have menu items labeled as spicy that fall short in a lot of people's eyes. Apparently, Burger King's new spicy options are hot as can be — which will be music to spicy food-lover's ears. Remember, these two sandwiches will only be on Burger King menus for a limited time, so grab one while you still can if you want to try them out. It's time to spice things up a little bit.