Bustle Book Club Week 2: Sydney Sweeney On Chapters 4-7 Of ‘We Used To Be Friends’

by Bustle Editors
Sydney Sweeney
Kelsey Cadenas; Getty Images

This week marked the second installment of Sydney Sweeney's new book club partnership with Bustle. Sweeney went live on Instagram to discuss the next three chapters of Amy Spalding's YA novel, We Used to Be Friends — and these chapters really brought the drama.

There were many things that drew Sweeney to We Used to Be Friends. "If I’m transferred to another world and every word becomes like a movie in my head, I won’t put the book down until I’ve finished it," Sweeney says of her favorite books, including her book club pick. "I love strong female characters and a storyline that feels like a rollercoaster. I also find myself drawn to books in first person. I think as an actor I really can dive deeper into the book when it’s written that way and I’ll cry when they're crying, or laugh when they laugh."

During last week's discussion, Kat (one of the two main protagonists) had just met a girl named Quinn. The two became fast friends and now things are really heating up between them. Quinn kissed Kat and while at first it took Kat by surprise — it only took a few pages for Kat to run to Quinn's house so they could finish what they started. We Used to Be Friends is told in dual timelines, and alternates between Kat and her former BFF, James', perspectives. In the chapters that focused on James, the two have just graduated from high school. Kat is still with Quinn, but everything else is different. Namely, Kat has zero idea about all of James' major life developments.

Will James and Kat reunite? Are Kat and Quinn going to stay together after graduation? To find out, make sure to follow Sydney Sweeney on Instagram here and join in on the conversation every Thursday at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET for the next three weeks. You can now watch episode two on Bustle's IGTV.

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