Bustle Book Club Week 4: Sydney Sweeney On Chapters 10-13 Of ‘We Used To Be Friends’

by Bustle Editors
Sydney Sweeney
Kelsey Cadenas; Getty Images

This week marked the final installment of Sydney Sweeney's new book club partnership with Bustle. Sweeney went live on Instagram to discuss the last three chapters of Amy Spalding's YA novel, We Used to Be Friends — and we finally got the answers to all of our burning questions.

When we last left things, James and Kat had shared an awful day at Disneyland. Quinn and Kat were in the throes of their epic campaign to be their high school's prom queens. And James was not seeing eye-to-eye with her mom.

Over the course of these last three chapters, all of the drama that's been brewing throughout the book finally comes to a boil. Quinn and Kat are crowned prom queens, but Kat isn't up for celebrating. She's way too disappointed that James isn't at prom and by her side.

Once school ends, James and Kat finally meet up to have it out. James accuses Kat of being selfish. Kat thinks James is way too closed off. Neither want to accept responsibility for why their friendship fell apart and they hurl the insults they've been holding back at each other until they decide they're no longer BFFs.

While the book ends before we can find out if James and Kat will ever make up, we do finally get clarity on a few subjects. In a flashback we see the moment that James finds out that her parents are getting divorced. It's right after she's spent the night with Logan, and she's completely blindsided by her mother's affair. James immediately storms out of the house, breaks up with Logan, and decides not to tell Kat (who has always loved James' parents love story).

The last chapter is a flashback to the summer before their senior year, when all that mattered was their friendship. It's a heartbreaking reminder of what once was. While we many never know what happens with James and Logan, or if Kat and Quinn stay together at Oberlin, what we now know for sure is that We Used To Be Friends is the perfect ode to female friendship.

Want to catch up on everything you missed? You can now watch all of the episodes of #SydneySweetReadsxBustleBookClub on Bustle's IGTV. And make sure to pick up a copy of We Used to Be Friends here.